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Small Works Roster & Projects

Small Works Roster

For Public Works Contracts under $35,000:

This work consists of small additions (e.g., add one telephone), minor repairs (broken waterline or broken windows), or maintenance. It is frequently emergency work. Most contractors performing this type of work are pre-qualified and selected from a small works roster.

Each contractor shall file a Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages the first time when they are called upon to perform work for jobs costing over $2500. Separate Statement of Intent forms must be submitted for each Public Agency for which the contractor performs work.

Contractors shall file an Affidavit of Wages Paid after the job costing over $2500 is completed in order to receive the retained funds for that period. Separate Affidavit forms must be submitted for each Public Agency for which the contractor performed work.

The following forms may be required and they can be submitted over the internet. 

  • SWR Information 2023-2024
  • WWPS SWR Application 2023-2024
  • W9
  • L&I Intent and Affidavit Form: For information about the Department of Labor and Industries’ online system, or to try their demo, go to For additional questions, call 360-902-5335.
  • Required Asbestos Information: Asbestos Management: In May 2015, the mandatory three-year inspection of the Walla Walla Public Schools facilities was successfully completed.  A new inspection is currently underway.

There is another process that may be more convenient for your needs. It includes both the Intent and Affidavit on one form, and it does not need to be sent to The Department of Labor & Industries. We will send copies of the forms to The Department of Labor & Industries from our office. It is valid for jobs costing $2,500.00 or under. We must have a form for each job completed. You may submit the form to us with the invoice for the job completed. There will be no filing fee required. 

When it becomes necessary for the district to call for bids on projects, you will be contacted to submit a bid on those projects for which your company is qualified to perform, i.e. only electrical contractors will be contacted for electrical projects or masonry contractors will be contacted for masonry projects. Since it is our desire to maintain only actively interested contractors on this list, we are requesting that if you are not able to quote on a particular project but still wish to be retained on the Small Works Roster, you make a written "no bid" response.  This request will be effective until September of each year at which time you will be given the opportunity to reaffirm your wish to be retained on the Small Works Roster. 

Other Information:

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