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“There has not been a more important time in our district’s history that we ensure our children are engaged, active and connected with each other.  As a community, we have stepped up with the 2018 bond improvements and fully met the needs of students who find their passion with music, theater, arts, and sciences. Now is the time for us to consider addressing the need of over 1,000 of our children whose connection, character development and pride is honed on the field, on the court, on the track, on the course and on the pitch.”

-Outdoor Athletic and Activity Facilities Committee, Executive Summary

Committee Recommendation Summary

softballThe Committee recommended the administration and School Board perform outreach and engagement to determine which of the two improvement approaches (Comparable Plan or Comprehensive Plan) most resonates with stakeholders. Based on feedback, they recommend that the district fund one of the two plans through a lower-cost, short-term capital levy. A common tool utilized by many school districts across the state, in conjunction with grants and other funding streams, the committee proposed placing the levy on the February 2024 ballot to accompany the district’s EP & O renewal levy.

Recommendations Fact Sheet (English)

Recommendations Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Committee Identified Priority Needs

  • Construct an adequate multi-sport facility that complements the current Klicker Track that can accommodate soccer, football, marching band, cheer/dance, lacrosse, PE, youth sports, permit year-around field utilization 
  • Consistent with all other schools in the league, install artificial turf playing surfaces to maximize field utilization, participation and post season play at Wa-Hi
  • Replace the failing 60yr old original tennis courts at WaHi
  • Repair the 43-year-old Garrison tennis courts (Chubb Courts) and resurface the 20-year-old track
  • Install an all-weather track at Pioneer MS for athlete, school and community access
  • Consistent with all league schools, install outdoor lighting (low spill/low glare) for early evening play in order to minimize instructional loss and maximize family participation for baseball and softball players
  • Provide adequate access to restrooms and locker rooms for high school athletes
  • Construct a JROTC “Raider Obstacle Course” for student, first responder and community use
  • Ensure facility improvements support hosting of playoff competition and events for regional schools and community organizations for local economic impact and reduced travel

"Comparable Plan" vs "Comprehensive Plan"

The Committee developed two levels of program for District consideration and asked they engage with stakeholders to determine which approach was more favorable.

Comparable Plan

  • Relies on a one-time, 38 cent short-term levy(6yr), to address core facility requirements that meet the minimum threshold of the committee’s charge to deliver comparable facilities. The Comparable plan:
    • Addresses the core facility requirements that are furthest behind league standards
    • Addresses priority needs identified by coaches, parents and athletes
    • Provides pragmatic solutions and approaches to improvements
    • Includes local/state grants and applies the value from the district's 1/3rd share of Borleske 
  • Total Cost = $15.2M

WaHi Site Map for Comparable Plan

WaHi Site Map Tennis on Site

Comprehensive Plan

  • Relies on a one-time, 49 cent short-term levy(6yr), to address core facility requirements with additional enhancements. The Comprehensive plan addresses all of the core components in the Comparable plan, in addition to providing:
    • 800 additional seating capacity in the multi-sport complex(from 2,200 to 3,000 seats on home side)
    • A larger announcers/press box (12X50) vs (8x24) with elevator access
    • A permanent structure under bleachers for equipment storage, a sports med/trainer room & gear room)
    • Low spill/low glare field lights on the JV multi-sport field
    • Replaces 55yr old west tennis courts at Garrison MS (Cobain Courts)
  • Total Cost = $19.4M

Proposed Improvement Schedule for Either Plan

Capture Gant Chart

Regardless of the Plan Propsed, Walla Walla Taxpayers Are Still Projected to Maintain one of the Region's Lowest Combined Bond/Capital Levy Rates

Tax Rates

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