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Title I / LAP Program

Program Overview

Walla Walla School District provides intervention for Preschool through Grade 12 students who are in need of additional support in reading and/or math. Student eligibility across our district is determined through a screening process, which includes district and state assessments, teacher input and student response to previous intervention. 

Students in our Tier II and Tier III interventions in the elementary schools receive the benefit of additional instruction in small groups led by staff trained in providing effective, research based instruction.

Students in grade 6-8 Tier II intervention programs may receive a variety of interventions that include small group instruction and tutoring assistance, primarily in reading and math.

Our Title 1 and LAP programs operate within a three-tier instructional model supported across our district. The purpose of Tier II instruction is to provide the necessary intervention, focused on identified essential standards, to ensure all students  successfully meet thes standards established for their grade level. Professional development for all classroom teachers and support staff, research-based curricula and aligned assessments are all key components of an effective intervention. The purpose of Tier III is to provide instructional support for standards in previous grade levels. 

Programs and Resources

Listed below are some of the programs and resources utilized in our Tier II intervention programs by our Title 1/LAP staff:

Elementary School Level

  • Reading Mastery 
  • Corrective Reading
  • Phonics for Reading
  • Intervenciones tempranas de la lectura
  • Despegando hacia la lectura
  • Estrellitas

Middle School Level

  • Ready Naturally
  • i-Ready Personalized Pathways


What is a School-Wide Program?

Walla Walla School District currently has eight Title 1 school-wide programs – Transitional Kindergarten at Center for Children and Families, Berney Elementary, Edison Elementary, Green Park Elementary, Sharpstein Elementary, Garrison Middle School, Pioneer Middle School and Lincoln High School.

School-wide programs focus on the needs of students, ensuring that every student succeeds. School-wide programs are built on a research base indicating that students are most successful when the entire school supports the education of all.

No two schoolwide programs are alike, but the best are:

  • Driven by rigorous standards for upgrading the instructional program of the entire school.
  • Flexible, offering a high-quality curriculum geared to bringing students to the challenging levels of knowledge set for them.
  • Comprehensively planned, using available federal program resources to support cohesive instruction.
  • Results-oriented, increasing the achievement of children in the targeted groups that federal education programs were intended to serve.

School-wide programs are designed to upgrade the entire educational program of a school that serves an eligible school attendance area in which not less than 40 percent of the children are from low-inclome families, or not less than 40 percent of the children enrolled in the school are from such families.

Following consultation with the school district office, and with support from school support teams, interested schools initiate a year of planning to determine how to integrate fiscal resources, facilities, and materials behind high-quality teaching that is fully aligned with students' educational needs.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) enables schoolwide programs to use all available funding sources - federal, state, and local - to reorganize a school's education program to meet the needs of its entire student body. The law emphasizes that a schoolwide program is intended to upgrade the overall academic program with:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment
  • Best-practice school reform strategies
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Professional development for all members of the school community
  • Parent involvement
  • Strategies for help preschool children make the transition from early childhood programs to elementary school
  • Teacher participation in making assessment decisions
  • Intensive assistance to students who experience difficulty mastering state standards

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