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Hazel Mental Health

Hazel Mental HealthHazel Mental Health

New Mental Health Services Available to Families with Hazel Health 

Walla Walla School District is partnering with Hazel Health to launch a new mental health services program for students, in consultation with parents/guardians. Families can sign their child up with Hazel Health, where students have access to a licensed therapist from school or at home. Walla Walla School District is making these services available so that all families have access to mental health services, without a long wait time to see a therapist.

Available for: All students, at no cost to families (PARENT/GUARDIAN PERMISSION REQUIRED)


Hazel services include:

  • Short-term therapy visits: Therapy sessions can help students cope with everyday issues such as anxiety, bullying, withdrawal, grief, peer and family relationships, depression, not enjoying things they used to enjoy, or simply not feeling like themselves.
  • Care coordination: Family Resource Managers from Hazel work closely with families to coordinate their child’s care. If your child needs additional services outside of what Hazel can offer, Hazel will help families connect with great local providers.
  • Therapists who care: Hazel therapists know how to connect with children and teens. Their multilingual team practices culturally competent care for all students.



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