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Transportation Department
1162 Entley Street
Walla Walla, WA 99362


Our Mission

The mission of the Transportation Department is to transport students to and from school and school related activities. In providing this service, it is imperative that we do so in a manner that provides the highest possible level of safety, and is consistent with the practical and efficient operation of the bus. It is also a part of our mission to maintain good working relationships within and outside our department; and within the limitations of SAFETY, our mission is to...have FUN!

Staff Contacts

John Griffith, Transportation Director

Gene Thompson, Transportation Coordinator

Maggie Gutierrez, Secretary

Southeast Washington Transportation Cooperative

The Southeast Washington Transportation Cooperative offers member school districts Walla Walla Public Schools, Prescott, and Dixie discounted school bus maintenance and repair service. The cooperative saves taxpayers’ money, improves school bus safety and extends school bus life. It also provides school bus inspection support, bus driver professional development, school bus preventative maintenance and record keeping services.

The data shows how taxpayers are reaping the benefits of this cooperative. Shop rates for partner districts are $45 per hour. The average vendor shop rate is $90 to $105 per hour. The Southeast Washington Transportation Cooperative buys diesel fuel in bulk at nearly 20 cents less per gallon than retail. This saves taxpayers on average nearly $10,000 per year in fuel costs. A variety of oil filters are used and cooperative costs average 60 to 80 percent below retail prices. This same range of savings is also available for fuel and air filters. Coolant is purchased for 90 percent below retail costs. These numbers add up quickly.

This project was built with state matching dollars and helped stimulate the local economy as more than 11 local construction firms were employed as subcontractors.

Students and staff are safer and operations are more efficient as a result of this cooperative. The Southeast Washington Transportation Cooperative is located at 1162 Entley Street across the street from Koncrete Industries. We welcome you to stop by to tour the facility and see how your community investment is paying off.

Services Available

All students living outside a one-mile walking distance or more from their school may ride a school bus. There may be exceptions granted as determined by the Washington state guidelines for determining hazardous walkways. Transportation funding is supplied by the state of Washington and Walla Walla Public Schools. Parents are asked to review bus safety rules (provided in this brochure) with their children and remind them they must maintain good self-discipline. This helps ensure each child enjoys a safe ride to and from school or other activities. Please remember, bus riding is a privilege.

Prior arrangements must be made with the principal if a child is to be transported to a destination other than the regular bus stop or if parents will be transporting the child on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Conduct Rules

Student passengers are expected to conduct themselves in the following manner when boarding, riding and exiting a school bus.

Student passengers:

  1. are under the supervision and control of the bus driver and will follow the driver’s instruction promptly and respectfully.
  2. shall arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the bus arrives.
  3. shall go directly to an available or assigned seat when entering the bus and remain in that seat for the entire trip.
  4. shall NOT extend their head, arms, legs, or feet through open windows.
  5. shall NOT mar, damage, or destroy the interior or exterior of the bus.
  6. shall NOT throw any object or material around the interior of the bus or out its windows.
  7. shall NOT create unnecessary noise or confusion which might distract the driver’s attention.
  8. shall refrain from the use of profane language.
  9. shall refrain from the use of any tobacco product, alcohol, or drugs.
  10. shall refrain from carrying onto the bus objects that cannot be safely held on the lap or safely placed under the seat.
  11. shall NOT bring hazardous materials, objects, and animals (except seeing eye dogs) on the bus; i.e. firearms, knives, breakable containers, etc...
  12. shall NOT depart or board the bus at locations other than the assigned bus stop without written permission initialed by a school official.
  13. shall wear light-colored or reflective clothing when going to and from the bus stop in darkness.
  14. shall go 10 feet in front of the bus and wait for the bus driver’s signal to cross when crossing the road is required. The signal the bus driver will use is to make eye contact with the student(s) and nod when it is clear for the student to cross the road.

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