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High School Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements 

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Let's Work Together to Meet the Graduation Requirements

In partnership with families and community, Walla Walla Public Schools ensures a culture of equity and belonging, where every student achieves ambitious levels of learning through relevant and rigorous educational experiences. Our vision is to unleash the potential of every graduate from Walla Walla Public Schools by offering a comprehensive High School and Beyond Plan. This transformative plan will open doors to a multitude of career and educational paths, empowering students to explore their passions, interests, and talents. By guiding students through self-discovery and providing exposure to diverse career opportunities, we will enable them to make informed choices and create a purposeful academic journey that paves the way for post-secondary success.

To earn a high school diploma, a student must:

Below is a more detailed look at the three components of the Graduation Requirements

 Developing Washington's Most Sought-After Graduates

High School & Beyond Plan

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  • The HSBP is a meaningful, individualized plan that is grounded in students’ interests, strengths, and hopes for their future. Through deeper, structured conversations with caring adults and real world experiences, students stay engaged, on-track toward graduation, and are prepared for success after high school

  • High School & Beyond Plans are reviewed at least annually by school staff and parents/guardians to assess student progress; refine the plan, including course registration; and review current plans for the student’s post-high school. This is also the opportunity to assess the student’s progress towards the successful completion of high school graduation requirements.

  • Walla Walla Public Schools High utilizes the online platform, SchooLinks, where students explore their interests, college and career pathways, and update their future goals and course planning. Students in grades 8-12 and their family can access SchooLinks any time. Learn more about SchooLinks

Credit and Subject Area Requirements

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Students pass a required number of classes and earn credits in language arts, math, science (including at least one credit in lab courses), social studies, health and fitness, visual or performing arts, career and technical education, and electives.

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Graduation Pathway Options

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The Washington State High School Diploma can be flexible, meaningful, and achievable.

  • Graduation pathway options allow students to pursue a personalized, meaningful education that results in a diploma and skills needed for college or career.
  • All students can use new pathways, and they are equal in value.
  • Pathways should be connected to students’ post-high school goal(s) = HSBP and are designed to ensure a meaningful future after high school.

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How Else Can We Help?

Walla Walla Public Schools is committed to helping all students learn and succeed. We have support systems in place at all schools to help students graduate and have opportunities for post-secondary success. If you need more support, here's how we can help!

  • Meet with your counselor
  • Talk to your advisory teacher
  • Reach out to an administrator

Please reach out if you need something. We are here to help support all our students realize our Vision of Developing Washington's Most Sought-After Graduates. 

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