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2023-2024 Dual Language Kindergarten Applications

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Dual language program

Elementary Dual Immersion Programs

What is a Dual Language Program?

Dual Language is a form of bilingual education in which students receive instruction in two languages. Dual immersion programs in Walla Walla integrate English dominant students with Spanish dominant students, to achieve bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural outcomes for all.

Why Dual Language?

>> The ability to develop the highest level of proficiency in a second language is greater if you start at an early age.

>> Research shows that dual immersion students typically outperform English dominant students in the classroom by the end of their elementary years.

>> Students develop proficiency in both languages and have increased cultural awareness. The ability to interpret cross-cultural interactions is crucial in today's world.

>> Students benefit from the ability to communicate with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

What are the characteristics of the program?

>> Academic instruction is delivered in English and Spanish.
>> The instructional model begins in Kindergarten with 80% of instruction in Spanish.
>> As students progress through grades, the amount of English instruction increases.
>> Students learn to read and write in Spanish first.
>> Teachers use a predetermined language depending on the subject.
>> All program, curricular, and instructional decisions are based on current research.
>> A bilingual, biliterate and bicultural environment is supported and encouraged.
>> Rigorous core academic curriculum is aligned to Washington State Learning Standards.


classroomGoals of the Program

>> Bilingualism and biliteracy.
>> High academic achievement in both program languages.
>> Sociocultural competence. 



homeFrequently Asked Questions...

As a parent, how can I help my child in a dual immersion setting?

>> Continue reading to your child in the language spoken at home.
>> Maintain close communication with your child's teacher about progress and ways to support at home.
>> Be patient and enthusiastic. It takes time for a child to feel comfortable in a classroom setting being taught in a different language.

If Spanish is the home language, how will my child acquire English language?

Between kindergarten to 2nd grade, students who have a dominant language other than English receive support during English Language Development (ELD) instruction. Starting in 3rd grade, English language is modeled during ELD time and through other academic subjects using language acquisition strategies.

When is transportation provided?

  • Students who qualify for English Language Services (EL), and where dual programming is deemed appropriate by district screening processes, will receive bussing services to and from their dual school placement throughout their elementary school experience.
  • All other students fall under the district’s open enrollment policy, where transportation remains the responsibility of the family, unless
    a)      The family resides in Edison or Green Park’s historical attendance area where bussing is already available; or
    b)      A nearby bus route happens to be available due to unusual circumstances and can accommodate your student (note: this is a unique occurrence that may fluctuate from year to year and may not be known until after the start of the school year).       

Dual Programming is offered at Green Park and Edison. If approved, which dual school will I attend?

  • If you already have a child attending Green Park or Edison:
    • Priority placement will be provided to your kindergarten student so that they can attend the same school as their older sibling.
  • If there is no older sibling attending Green Park or Edison:
    • Families who reside in the Prospect Point and Green Park attendance areas will be prioritized to Green Park’s Dual Program.
    • Families who reside in the Edison, Berney and Sharpstein attendance areas will be prioritized to Edison’s Dual Program.

boyParticipating Elementary Schools

>> Edison
>> Green Park

More Information:

>> Dr. Julie Perron, Director 
Equity & Dual Programs 
Walla Walla Public Schools
364 S. Park St., Walla Walla, WA
Office: 509-527-3000
Email: jperron@wwps.org 
website: www.wwps.org

>> Center of Applied Linguistics
website: www.cal.org

>> Colorín Colorado
website: www.colorincolorado.org

>> National Association for Bilingual Education

website: www.nabe.org

>> The Association of Two-Way and Dual Language Education

website: www.atdle.org 

Dual Language Application

Important Background Information

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