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“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”
- John F. Kennedy

Mark Higgins
Director of Communications & Community Relations

Walla Walla Public Schools Communications Department
364 South Park Street
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 526-6716
(509) 520-6242 (Cell)
(509) 529-7713 (FAX)

Communication with the Public

School Board Policy – No. 4010

The board believes that open communication with the public is a necessary component of the district’s operation. Therefore, the board supports the superintendent and staff in the organization, maintenance, and operation of an effective communications program.
The district’s communications program should:
1. Encourage a better understanding of the goals, needs, and accomplishments of the total education program.
2. Be a planned, systematic, two-way process between the board, superintendent, staff, and community;
3. Include the use of a variety of media such as meetings, letters, circulars, seminars, publications, and personal contracts;
4. Provide the communication channels necessary for resolving grievances and eliminating misunderstandings.
Each school’s communications program should:
1. Encourage informal, as well as formal, methods of communication;
2. Include the use of a variety of methods such as meetings, publications, and personal contacts;
3. Utilize local radio, television, and newspaper media;
4. Supplement and support the general communications program of the school system.
Adopted by the board July 23, 1985
Public Information Program
School Board Policy - No. 4000
Adopted July 16, 2002
The district shall strive to maintain effective two-way communications channels with the public. The Public Information program will encourage a better understanding of the goals, needs, and accomplishments of the total education program.

District Web Site

The Communications Department is responsible for the management of the district’s web site. The district web site is considered a valuable tool for the school district and the people it serves. The district web site continues to evolve and provide new services.

WALLA WALLA PUBLIC SCHOOLS • 364 South Park St. • Walla Walla, WA 99362 • Phone: 509-527-3000 • Fax: 509.529.7713

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