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Walla Walla Public Schools utilizes an online registration process for families new to the district, existing families in the district, open enrollment, choice transfer and kindergarten registration. Families wishing to enroll their kindergarten student in the Dual Language Program must call the Equity and Dual Programs Department, (509) 526-6784.


All students living outside a one-mile walking distance or more from their school may ride a school bus. There may be exceptions granted as determined by the Washington state guidelines for determining hazardous walkways. Visit the Transportation Department website to sign-up for service.


The Nutrition Services Department provides breakfast and lunch service at all schools. Meal prices, menus, free & reduced applications and instructions for making online payments are available on the Nutrition Services website. For more information please contact the Nutrition Services Office at 509-527-3016.
Walla Walla Public Schools operates a School Health Advisory Committee to ensure compliance with state requirements regarding Nutrition and Physical Fitness.The district is committed to educating students about making healthy food choices and the importance of fitness.


Walla Walla Public Schools’ Health Services Department strives to keep children healthy to support learning. Health Clinicians play a fundamental role in teaching students how to improve their overall health and reduce unhealthy behaviors. The district also partners with The Health Center for primary care and behavioral counseling and support.
In order to safeguard the school community from the spread of certain communicable diseases and in recognition that prevention is a means of combating the spread of disease, the board requires a student to present evidence of his/her having been immunized against diseases as required by Washington State Board of Health. The district shall allow for exemptions from immunization requirements only as allowed for by RCW 28A.210.090. Prior to attendance at school, each child with a life-threatening health condition will present a medication or treatment order provided by a Licensed Health Care Provider (LHP) addressing the condition.
Walla Walla Public Schools recognizes the school plays a unique and important role in the prevention of youth suicide, violence and substance abuse and in the identification and treatment of mental health disorders in our community. Please see Walla Walla Public Schools’ Suicide Prevention website for more information.


Safety is a top priority for Walla Walla Public Schools when closing or delaying school due to adverse weather conditions. Once a decision is made to delay or close school, the district launches its School Closure Communications Plan.


Walla Walla Public Schools is committed to providing the public full access to records concerning the administration and operations of the District consistent with Washington State law.


The board of directors is an elected body of respected community members who are responsible for the direction of schools. A schedule of school board meetings may be found on the district’s website as well as school board operating policies.


Field trips are scheduled occasionally as part of the educational experience not available in the classroom and/or on campus. The district has established guidelines for school sponsored field trips and activities which may be found on the district’s website.

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