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Student/Parent/Guardian Agreement 2023-2024


Printable Form (English / Spanish)

I understand and consent to abide by the district and school rules and guidelines as outlined in my student’s agenda and/or Parent/Student handbook. Handbooks may be reviewed online by visiting the district’s website (, are made available during the registration process, and may be requested through your student’s school. I also understand and agree that my student shall be held accountable for the behavior and consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct at school during the regular school day, at any school-related activity regardless of time or location, and while being transported on district-provided transportation. I understand that should my student violate the Student Code of Conduct he/she shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from school and/or referral to law enforcement officials, for violations of the law.

Regarding student education records, I understand that certain personally identifiable information about my student is considered directory information and is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released to the public. Directory information includes, but is not limited to: the student’s name, address (including electronic address), telephone listing, photograph, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended.

I understand that unless I object to the release of any or all of this information within 15 school days of the date this student handbook was issued to my student, directory information may be released by the district for use in local school publications or other media for such purposes as deemed appropriate by the principal.

I also understand that certain student information is considered personally identifiable information. The district will not release this information without first informing the parent/guardian of the purpose(s) the information will be used and to whom it will be released. A parent/guardian must also provide the district with written, dated, and signed consent to release the information, unless otherwise permitted by law.

Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to: the student’s name, the name of the student’s parent(s) or other family member, the address of the student or student’s family, and personal identifiers such as the student’s social security number or student identification number, a list of personal characteristics or other such information that would make the student’s identity easily traceable.


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