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To the extent practical and as required by law, the district will work with students experiencing homelessness and their families to provide them with equal access to the same free, appropriate education (including public preschool education) provided to other students.  Contact the District’s Homeless Education Liaison for assistance.


 The Washington State Governor’s Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO) is an independent state agency that helps to reduce educational opportunity gaps by supporting families, students, educators, and other stakeholders in communities across WA in understanding the K-12 school system and resolving concerns collaboratively. OEO services are free and confidential. Anyone can contact OEO with a question or concern about school.

OEO listens, shares information and referrals, and works informally with families, communities, and schools to address concerns so that every student can fully participate and thrive in our state’s public schools. OEO provides support in multiple languages and has telephone interpretation available. To get help or learn more about what OEO does, please visit our website:; email, or call: 1-866-297-2597 (interpretation available).



If your child has a mental, physical, or developmental impairment or disability that has a major impact on learning, seeing, hearing, breathing, speaking, working, and caring for oneself or performing manual tasks, s/he may be eligible for special education, related services and/or specialized educational accommodations. For more information, to refer your child for screening, or to make your youngster a focus of concern, please contact the Special Education Department at 364 S Park St, 527-3000. The eligible age range is from birth to 21 years.
The district utilizes the core principles of the Response to Intervention (RTI) process, which combines systematic assessment, decision-making and a multi-tiered services delivery model to improve educational and behavioral outcomes for all students.


In Walla Walla Public Schools, equity is defined as fair, just and inclusive educational access and experiences for all students. This definition commits us to identifying and removing barriers that keep students from participating fully in the school experience.  Through this process, we focus on ensuring high levels of academic learning and providing social emotional supports for each learner.
Walla Walla Public Schools offers a variety of Bilingual Education programs to meet the needs of second language learners and those who desire learning a second language. Programs include English Language Development, Dual Language Programs and Content-based instruction. Contact the Equity and Dual Programs Department to learn about placement in these programs at (509) 526-6787.


Each student must meet the following requirements to graduate from high school: (1) complete the credit requirements specified in the procedure accompanying this policy; (2) demonstrate career and college readiness by completing a high school and beyond plan; and (3) meet the requirements of at least one graduation pathway option described in the procedure accompanying this policy.
The Washington School Report Card is a tool for parents, educators, families, community members and student to have information about its local schools. The Report Card allows you to see how students at your local school or district performed on our state test, the number of students enrolled, the race and ethnicity of the students and educators in the school community, and much more.


Curriculum and Instructional materials shall be selected to ensure alignment with state learning standards and enable all students to master foundational skills and knowledge to achieve college, career, and civic readiness. More information may be found in Policy 2020 or on the Teaching & Learning website.
Walla Walla School District's Highly Capable Program provides students of high academic and intellectual ability with designated time to explore concepts in greater depth. The goal of the Highly Capable Program is to encourage the development of higher-level thinking skills. Students learn to become responsible for their own learning, develop their creative thinking and critical reasoning power, and strive to reach their potential.


Walla Walla Public Schools will involve parents and family members of Title I students in developing and implementing the district’s Title I programs.


Volunteers are appreciated and welcomed. Please contact the school secretary to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Volunteers regularly share their time and talent to enhance our school programs through classroom assistance, clerical work, or PTSA activities. Washington State Law has established the following volunteer requirements:
  1. All volunteers must successfully clear a Washington State Patrol background check;
  2. A Volunteer Disclosure Statement must be completed by the volunteer each year s/he will work in the school. These forms are available at the school office.
  3. Contact the WWPS District Office to begin your volunteer experience.


The Walla Walla community takes great pride in the success and achievements of their athletic teams and members. At Walla Walla Public Schools, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of individual and team interscholastic activities. Student athletes have the opportunity to learn, develop, and practice skills by extending their abilities through the athletic program. The purpose of athletics is to enhance and contribute towards the overall education of each student athlete. 

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