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We All Belong Here

Walla Walla Public Schools is a place where diversity of thought, belief, culture, sexual orientation, and ethnicity, is honored and respected in a civil, safe, and compassionate manner. Diversity in Walla Walla Public Schools continues to be regarded as a remarkable asset, one that provides a rich and glorious tapestry in the fabric of our educational program.

Diversity was acknowledged and formally adopted as one of the district’s core beliefs, and continues to inform and guide daily actions and decisions. The district’s primary mission has always been, and will continue to be, student safety and well-being while at school. Walla Walla Public Schools’ Board of Directors, administration, faculty and staff will always do everything in their power to ensure campuses reflect and support tolerance, respect, and civility as supported by its "We All Belong Here" campaign.


We All Belong Here

  • Stand up to injustice
  • Strive to be inclusive
  • Rise above intolerance
  • Respect everyone, every day
  • Our differences drive our greatness

We believe:

  • that diversity is our strength
  • in challenging and supporting all students
  • that quality instruction is critical to student success
  • in elevating student voice and agency
  • in investing in staff to ensure excellence
  • in maximizing the impact of our resources
  • in collaborative and transparent operation
  • in the importance of family and community

Teaching Tolerance Guide for Educators

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