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Vision 2030 Process

Our Next Strategic Plan Journey Has Begun!

Walla Walla Public Schools is launching an inclusive strategic planning development process that spans from spring 2022 through spring 2023. This comprehensive outreach will involve multiple layers of engagement with all stakeholders.

Walla Walla Public Schools Board of Directors understands how critical it is that they deeply involve the entire community, from student to staff to parent to stakeholder, in this important process. The district has established a deliberate, six-phase plan (see below) that concludes in spring 2023. WWPS will be utilizing a number of different modes to elicit input. Tools such as ThoughtExchange, an online survey and feedback instrument, face-to-face listening sessions in both English and Spanish, and focus groups will all be incorporated to ensure exhaustive and inclusive feedback.

In fall of 2022 Walla Walla Public Schools will enter the next phase of its process that prioritizes gathering significant stakeholder input. District leaders will begin to synthesize this feedback in late fall and then work on developing and refining a draft plan by winter. The district’s work will conclude in spring 2023 after the school board and leadership team have operationalized and finalized the plan in preparation for a 2023-24 school year implementation.

Below is an outline of the planning process. Thank you for joining this journey as we continue striving to meet our vision of "Developing Washington’s Most Sought-After Graduates."


Phase 1: Introduction

Phase 2: Gathering Input

Phase 3: Synthesize Information

Phase 4: Develop and Refine Draft Plan

Strategic Planning Summit

Phase 5: Operationalize the Plan

Phase 6: Finalize the Plan

Where We Have Been: 2017-2022 Strategic Plan Success Highlights

Over the last five years, the current plan prioritized high quality instruction, aligned systems between schools and programs, helped to promote safe and engaging school environments, and established enhanced social and emotional supports for students.

The district experienced remarkable success meeting or exceeding nearly all of the performance targets the School Board established. As identified in state performance data released just prior to the pandemic, graduation rates reached all-time highs, exceeding statewide results, and the district has closed the graduation gap for its Latino students.

Walla Walla Public Schools saw nearly 10% more students meet individual growth performance goals in both their statewide reading and mathematics assessments. 9th grade on-track rates, a key indicator for graduation and post high school success, improved by double digits, surpassing state levels for the first time. Student, parent and community perception results soared past nationwide rates, with over 90% approval rating across many areas. The district's efforts around dual programming are demonstrating great advancements as more students than ever are earning their seal of biliteracy, and the success rates for English Language learners are at all time highs, exceeding statewide levels.

Additionally, student involvement in clubs, activities and athletics increased, attendance rates exceeded state levels at nearly 90%, and student behavior rates have improved.

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