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2023-24 G6-12 Chromebook Repair Program


Walla Walla Public Schools’ vision is to “Develop Washington’s Most Sought-After Graduates.” As a result, it is essential that our students maintain a high level of access to technology, digital learning and engaging curriculum. As with many schools across the state, WWPS has implemented a 1:1 Chromebook program, where middle and high school students are individually issued an electronic device throughout the school year. This allows all students the ability to access digital curriculum, resources and other learning platforms from home and while at school in their various classroom settings.

The district does not charge any fee for the device, nor will the district require any deposit if a device is damaged or destroyed. However, the district will assess a fee to repair any physical damage to a Chromebook. Fortunately, our Technology Department maintains the capacity to address most repairs in-house, reducing costs for students and families should repairs be needed. Following are examples of what repairs and charges may be assessed:

  1. Hardware Failure/Malfunction (Example: The keyboard (or a key) stops taking input)
    Hardware Failure/Malfunction is a no-fault cause. The student supplies the Chromebook to their librarian and receives a replacement at the same visit. The district covers the cost for this no-fault repair.
  2. Incidental (Example: A Chromebook on a desk is knocked off by an individual walking by with a backpack)
    Incidental/Accidental cause incidents could be either no-fault or fault cause, depending on if the Chromebook was in the protective case (provided at no cost to the student when the Chromebook was initially issued).
    • If the Chromebook were in its protective case, it would be considered a no-fault cause. The student supplies the Chromebook to their librarian and receives a replacement. No charge assessed.
    • If the Chromebook were NOT in its protective case, it would be considered an at-fault cause. The student supplies the Chromebook to their librarian and receives a replacement. Repair fee assessed per the schedule below.
  3. Intentional (Example: A student is seen intentionally breaking the keys off of the keyboard.)
    Intentional cause incidents are when a student is at-fault for the broken/lost device and will require that they are charged a fee to repair/replace the device. The student will not be issued a replacement device until the fee is settled. Repair fee assessed per the schedule below.

Repair fee notifications will be delivered to parents/guardians through ParentSquare the day the fee is imposed. Families will have the opportunity to appeal any fees directly with the Technology Department. Fee payments should be paid through the InTouch receipting system. Instructions to access that system will be included in the fee notification.

Appeals will NOT automatically excuse the fine, but each will be assessed and considered. Appeal rulings will be conveyed, through ParentSquare, to the guardian submitting the appeal. Appeals must be made within seven (7) calendar days of delivery of this notification. Fines must be paid within 30 calendar days of delivery of this notification. The district's technology and library staff, in collaboration with the building administration, will be responsible for all decisions regarding appeals to fines charged.

Chromebook Part Replacement Cost/Fines:

 LCD Screen ($100.00)

 Battery ($50.00)

 Keyboard ($40.00) *  Power cable ($45.00)
 Trackpad, incl. keyboard ($90.00) *

 Speaker set ($5.00)

 Webcam ($20.00) *  USB board ($75.00)
 Outer shell ($50.00)  Motherboard replacement ($300.00) *
 Protective case ($30.00) **  Irreparable or Lost Chromebook ($300.00) *
 Device Asset/ID Label Removal ($10.00)  Lost Kajeet Hotspot ($100.00) — Case ($20.00) — Charger ($10.00)

* New 2023-24 Price    ** New Price (2/9/24)

Additional Notes & Information

  • With teacher approval, students in grades three (3) through five (5) may be allowed to take their classroom Chromebook home for specific homework, intervention, or project needs. While the device is outside the classroom, these students will be accountable to the 2023-24 G6-12 Chromebook Repair Program and fines.
  • Fees will be applied for each incident. Multiple incidents may require a conference with the administrator and could result in the student losing the privilege of an at-home device.
  • If the device is not returned when agreed upon or upon request by the district, the student may be fined for the full replacement cost of the device.
  • If a device, previously thought to be lost/stolen, is returned in working condition within 60 days of the close of the school year, the fine will be refunded.
  • CTE laptops will be assessed and fined appropriately for repair/replacement costs.

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