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Superintendent Goals

2023-24 Board-Established Superintendent Goals

Goal 1: Finalization and Implementation of Vision 2030 

Goal Statement: The superintendent will oversee the finalization and Year 1 implementation of Vision 2030, the district’s next strategic plan. To that end, the superintendent will:
  • Ensure strategic plan strategies are finalized and presented to the school board for review and feedback pursuant to the following calendar of activities:
    • Strategy 1, 8 and 11 – June 6
    • Strategy 2 & 7 – August 15
    • Strategy 6 & 4 – September 5
    • Strategy 9 & 10 – September 19
    • Strategy 3 & 5 - October 24
  • Work collaboratively with the Board to develop an accountability tool and schedule to monitor Vision 2030 outcomes and progress on an annual basis.
  • Procure and/or align resources in support of Vision 2030 objectives. When applicable, present the Board with investment requests and/or options for consideration.
  • Develop necessary systems and supports to implement Year 1 Strategic Plan Strategy priorities for all eleven goal areas.  

Goal 2: Demonstration of Student Learning Growth 

Ensuring that high levels of learning is accomplished for all students is a Superintendent's core mission. To that end, the Board has established high expectations for increased student performance. 
Goal Statement: The Superintendent will provide the leadership and support necessary to ensure students are achieving at a higher level in both reading and math as demonstrated by growth on the iReady diagnostic.  
  • K-8 students on fall to winter iReady reading and math results will demonstrate a:
    • 10% decrease in the number of students 2 or more grade levels behind; and,
    • 10% increase in the number of students early on grade or above.

Goal 3: Levy Planning, Coordination and Outreach 

Goal Statement: In partnership with the board, the Superintendent will provide the leadership, oversight and outreach related to the district’s EP and O renewal and capital levy proposals.  
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive levy plan and timeline
  • Oversee all fact-based technical aspects of levy development including;
    • Coordination with counsel regarding levy ballot titles and descriptions
    • Coordination with county assessor, underwriter and counsel regarding tax collection estimates and projections for board review and consideration
    • Development of community fact sheets and presentation materials
    • Participation and leadership in community outreach and information campaigns
    • Ensuring compliance with all local and state rules and regulations (e.g. filing dates and information, legal notifications)

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