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School Gardens

District Gardens

schoolgardens1Elementary School Gardens are up and running at Sharpstein, Edison, Green Park and Prospect Point Elementary.  Garden coordinators for the four schools include one Americorps, Eleanor Ellis (a Whitman grad), and 3 parent garden coordinators. They are working at 4 schools and strive to provide the following services:

  • Organize and communicate the schedule for school garden use,
  • Implement a previously designed K-5 garden curriculum for each participating class, (Changes and improvements to the existing curriculum are encouraged)
  • Work closely with interested teachers to provide additional garden activities that will support classroom curriculum in science, math, English and history.
  • Oversee all students’ hands on activities (planting, tending, harvesting and cooking) in the garden,
  • Schedule, promote and prepare after school garden club at participating elementary schools
  • schoolgardens2Prepare for scheduled garden class and garden club activities by developing presentations, gathering materials, providing written descriptions of the activities and by coordinating with community/parent volunteers and teachers to ensure enough supervision is provided for outdoor activities,
  • Act as an on-site naturalist by becoming familiar with the garden resources and developing relationships with students and staff that stimulate observation and involvement in the garden
  • Promote garden maintenance by providing information, support and coordination of maintenance activities by parent/community volunteers
  • Organize and conduct/facilitate necessary parent or teacher garden trainings
  • Maintain garden journal and record of activities and make regular reports to principal, parent association, and garden committee
  • Act as liaison between staff and parent garden committee

Garden Curriculum

  • District teachers worked on creating and linking garden lessons with state standards and also helped expand the lessons with additional documents. Many thanks to Danae Darby (kinder and 1st), Lucy Gregoire (2nd and 3rd) and Rebecca Keene (4th and 5th) for their support.  The lessons are organized by season and grade and are only in Spring and Fall for now.
  • See Garden Curriculum page for detailed information. 
  • See other school garden curriculum resources here.

Afterschool Garden Club Spring 2014


Day of week and time

garden club leader

 Prospect Point  Tuesdays 3-4pm

Helen Angell - Whitman Intern

Becci Lund- Prospect Point garden coordinator

 Green Park  Mondays 3-4 pm

Danielle Hupper - Whitman Intern

Eleanor Ellis - Americorps garden coordinator

 Sharpstein  Wednesdays 1:45-3:00pm

Eleanor Ellis - Americorps garden coordinator

Suzanne Sullivan - Sharpstein garden coordinator

Sharpstein Fridays 2:45 - 3:45pm

For campfire only - Two Whitman inters leading

Garden Maintenance

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