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Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Farm to School

  • Display provided farm to school fliers at your school about Harvest of the Month  and local farmers
  • Assist cafeterias in creating and displaying cards highlighting local food on the cafeteria line
  • Volunteer once per month throughout the school year to set up and run a tasting table highlighting a Harvest of the Month product
  • Assist in cooking classes for students and parents
  • Help your school host a farmer visit
  • Accompany 3rd graders on farm field trips in spring and fall

School garden work

  • Assist with garden class activities – variable times in spring and fall primarily
  • after school garden clubs – for 1.5 hours once a week in spring time after school
  • Garden maintenance – in summer volunteer for one week of garden maintenance at your school
  • Seed sale fundraiser – winter seed sales support the school garden activities
  • Ask how you can get involved with creating a new non-profit garden support organization, which will enable fundraising, provide paid school garden coordinators, gardening resources and equipment, resulting in enhanced school garden utilization by school classrooms and after school garden clubs

Review of District Nutrition Policy/Procedure

  • Read the district nutrition and fitness policy and procedure
  • Experience the cafeteria and school environment
  • Review and research potential improvements
  • Make recommendations to district Nutrition Services Department
  • Be a wellness advocate at your school


internshipsThe Farm to School program has benefited from internships funded by colleges in the area. Internships vary in job description and time requirements. 

Two interns in spring 2013 have assisted with developing and leading after school garden club activities at two elementary schools in town in addition to researching and recommending different compost systems that would work in a school setting. 

College student volunteers have also assisted with cooking demonstrations, garden club oversight and garden construction projects. 

Anyone interested in an internship should feel free to contact Beth Thiel at bthiel@wwps.org for more information. 

Donations/Wish Lists

wishlistThe district gladly accepts money donations specific to the Farm to School and School Garden Program. Contact Beth Thiel at bthiel@wwps.org for more information.

Wish Lists

Garden Program

  • Gardening tools (shovels, rakes, trowels, wheel barrows, hoses)
  • Lumber
  • Compost
  • Clean soil
  • Secure garden shed

Farm to School – Cafeteria Program

  • Commercial sized salad spinners
  • Commercial sized immersion blenders

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