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Bond Oversight Committee

Bond Oversight Committee Membership

Membership (and Representing):

Committee Chair: Scott Morasch (Business, Business Owner/Operator, Financial, Facility/Construction, Parent)
Committee Vice Chair: Mark Hess (Financial)
Bonnie Bowton (Business)
Lawson Knight (Business Owner/Operator, Financial, Parent)
Kim McDaniels (Business Owner/Operator, Financial)
Terry McConn (At Large)
Jennifer Mouat (Financial, Parent)
Dick Moeller (Business Owner/Operator, Facility/Construction, Community Facilities Task Force)
Ken Seibold (Business, Business Owner/Operator, Facility/Construction)
Tony Wenham (Business, Business Owner/Operator)

Meeting Agendas & Information

Bond Oversight Committee Bond Budget Tracking 

  • Monthly Bond Update (Final update from the committee)
    • Historical reports can be accesssed through our School Board Meeting and Agenda website here. Select the desired Regular Business Meeting (by month), and access it under reports.
  • Committee Returns Over $300,000 Unspent Proceeds Back to Taxpayers!
    • Historical reports can be accesssed through our School Board Meeting and Agenda website here. Select the desired Regular Business Meeting (by month), and access it under reports. 

Committee Overview

The Board of Directors for Walla Walla Public Schools requests the Superintendent to establish a “Bond Oversight Committee.” Comprised of 11 community members, the BOC’s core purpose will be to carefully monitor the delivery of the proposed bond program to ensure accountability, fiscal transparency, and community trust. The Superintendent will serve as the direct liaison to the group. 

Charge: Walla Walla Public Schools desires ongoing, independent review of the major projects proposed to voters on the November 6, 2018, election. The Committee should meet at least quarterly and plan to provide annual written progress reports to the community and Board of Directors. The Committee will be responsible to:

  • Review, and when applicable, participate in the process to solicit, qualify and select general contractors, architects, vendors, and consultants for major projects;
  • Review financial statements, project scope, construction documents, and bid solicitations to ensure that bond dollars are only being spent on projects approved by voters;
  • Regularly inspect school facilities and grounds to ensure bond revenues are expended appropriately;
  • Make recommendations to the Superintendent as to policies and procedures which will enhance accountability for bond dollars to district stakeholders;
  • Assist in maintaining public trust and confidence in the district through active involvement in communications related to the bond projects; and
  • Ensure that any remaining bond proceeds after project completion are “returned to voters” in order to reduce the cost to local taxpayers; using such resources to make debt service payments on the bonds outstanding or to call and redeem a portion of the Bonds prior to maturity.

More Information

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