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6920 (P) - Construction Design



Educational Specifications

Educational specifications are written after consultation with appropriate staff, consultants and citizens. The content of a set of educational specifications would include all or part of the following items:

A.     A statement of the educational philosophy as it pertains to the specific construction project;

B.     Community and School Characteristics:

         1.      The plan of organization and expected enrollments of the school:

                  a.      Grade levels; and

                  b.      Maximum expected enrollments with trends and projections, if necessary.

         2.      The construction plan for the facility is it to be a new facility, an addition, or a phased program leading to a complete facility;

         3.      Special services to be provided:

                  a.      Guidance programs;

                  b.      Social worker's programs;

                  c.      Provisions for exceptional children; and

                  d.      Others;

         4.      The special provisions needed for community use:

                  a.      Cooperative park/school arrangement;

                  b.      Parent-teacher associations;

                  c.      Community athletic programs; and

                  d.      Others;

         5.      The extent that adults will use this facility;

         6.      The extent to which students will be transported and the facilities that must be included to handle this service adequately;

         7.      The cafeteria services to be provided and the maximum number likely to be served;

         8.      The policy regarding multiple use of spaces; and

         9.      Other pertinent data relating to the project;

C.     Site Characteristics - site considerations necessary for this project:

         1.      Site size and location defined; and

         2.      Recommended building orientation; service drives; parking requirements for staff, students, and public; sidewalk and other approaches; outside lighting;

D.     Requirements of the Physical Plant:

         1.      Instructional functions and spaces required. A statement of instructional purposes is to precede the description of each area:

                  a.      Number of spaces required by function; and

                  b.      The relationships of these spaces;

         2.      The non-instructional spaces required. Each space to be described by function and spaces required;

         3.      Relationships of spaces required:

                  a.      Inter-relationship between instructional areas;

                  b.      Relationship between instructional and non-instructional spaces; and

                  c.      Relationship of spaces to site;

         4.      Environmental factors should be described in terms of educational relationships or concerns; and

E.      Additional information or comments as necessary to further interpret the educational program.

Issued: February 2018

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