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6000 (P) - Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption & Implementation



Payroll: Authorization and Control

Employment of all certificated and classified staff must be approved by the board and authority to pay for such services rendered follows this approval. Annual salaries shall be determined by placement on the district salary schedule in terms of position, experience, and training (where applicable). Proper documentation is required to receive credit for experience and training.

Personnel Action

The Personnel Department shall communicate all personnel actions to the Payroll Department.

Salary Warrants

Unless otherwise indicated, each staff member shall receive a salary warrant on the last working day of each month equal to l/12 of the staff member's yearly salary less statutory, contractual, and voluntary deduc­tions. Voluntary payroll deductions shall be authorized by the board. The board may act on behalf of individual staff to deduct a certain amount from the staff member’s paycheck and remit an agreed amount to a designee of the staff member.

The following types of deductions presently include but are not limited to:

  1. Statutory Deductions – OASI, Withholding Tax, Medical Aid, Retirement
  2. Contractual Deductions – Health Insurance, Salary Insurance, Life Insurance, Association/Union Dues, Dental Insurance
  3. Voluntary Deductions – Credit Union, United Way, Tax-Sheltered Annuities, Deferred Compensation

Time sheets will be submitted by all staff.


District leave provisions are covered in district policies. Upon return from a leave, the staff member shall complete a time sheet and any related leave forms. The time sheet must be approved by the staff member's supervisor. The business office shall compile the amount of leave used on a monthly basis. Accrued leave shall be reported on the staff member's warrant statement. Staff must submit time sheets when they do not report to work regardless of the nature of the absence, whether illness, emergency leave, nonreimbursable leave, or vacation.

 Issued: September 2003

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