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4260 (P) - Use of School Facilities and Equipment



Public Use of School Facilities

  1. Approval for the use of facilities must be obtained from the building principal.
  2. Use of alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco is not permitted in school facilities or on school property, except that, lawful use of alcoholic beverages may be permitted at non-district activities, events or functions at Borleske Stadium. School facilities are gun-free and weapon-free zones.
  3. A responsible representative of the user group must be on the premises during after-school use of school facilities. Additionally, supervision by a school employee may be required as deemed necessary by the principal.
  4. A food service employee is required to be on duty for all activities involving kitchen use for events such as PTSA meetings, banquets, dinners, carnivals, festivals, bazaars, or other special events requiring kitchen facilities.
  5. The user group shall adhere to the reasonable rules and regulations developed by the building principal for the use of the facility.
  6. Keys to school facilities shall not be issued or loaned to any user. Doors will be opened and locked by authorized employees of the district.
  7. All applicants for use of district facilities shall hold the school district free and without harm from any loss or damage, liability, or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use of district facilities. Also, in the event that property loss or damage is incurred during such use or occupancy of district facilities, the amount of damage shall be determined by the district and a bill presented to the group using the facilities.
  8. The district reserves the right to deny or cancel any application for use when such use, or meeting, may in any way be prejudicial to the best interest of the schools, or in violation of Washington Interscholastic Activities Association's rules and regulations, or for which satisfactory sponsorship is not provided.
  9. Cooperative arrangements with the city parks department and other public agencies which facilitate public use of the facilities at a minimum cost may be developed and approved by the superintendent/designee.

Staff Use of School Equipment

Requests by school employees for personal use of school equipment, such as computers, VCRs, tools, etc., should be considered by the appropriate administrator on the basis of the specific circumstances in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Such use should not result in disruption to the educational process.
  2. The user should assume responsibility for any damage to or loss of equipment or materials.       The administrator approving use is responsible for assessing/collecting such damages.
  3. Equipment not designed as portable should not be allowed to be moved. This includes equipment that may be movable but is not intended to be moved on a regular basis.
  4. Equipment should not be used by any individuals without appropriate training and instruction. Allowing such use may create additional liability for the district and/or the individual approving such use.
  5. Use of school equipment should not be allowed for purposes resulting in personal profit to the individual.
  6. Specific procedures for requesting, check-out, repair, etc. of such equipment are the responsibility of the site administrator.

Issued: September 2003

Revised/Reissued: August 2009

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