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6230 - Relations With Vendors



Conflicts of Interest
Financial and business transactions of the district shall be carried out in conformity with the law and consistent with sound and ethical business practices. Purchasing decisions shall be made on the basis of objectivity and shall not be influenced by friendships or other personal relationships. School employees shall not accept gifts of significant value from vendors. Board members, administrators or staff shall not accept a gift or favor from vendors or prospective vendors or other firms or individuals who have had or hope to have transactions with the district. Financial interests of board members, administrators or staff in any district purchase, sale or other transaction shall be prohibited.

Third-Party Receipting for Online Fundraising and/or Ticket Sales
If the district contracts with a vendor, firm, individual, or other entity for third-party receipting, the district will include in its contract appropriate provisions establishing the details of the payment remittance process in accordance with the Washington State Auditor’s Guidance for Third Party Receipting.

Legal References:
2 CFR 200.318(c)(1)
RCW 42.23.030 Interest in contract prohibited--Exceptions
RCW 42.23.040 Remote interests

Adopted by the Board: July 16, 2002
Revised: June 15, 2021

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