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3233 - Directory Information



Federal law allows the school district to release certain student directory information for legitimate education purposes. Directory information is defined as the student’s name, address, age, birthplace, participation in officially recognized school events and programs, weight of athletic team members, awards, diplomas, and photographs. Directory information shall not be released for commercial reasons or purposes.

Photos of students are sometimes used in district or school-produced publications or for use by the news media. Published photos in yearbooks, student/school newspapers, school handbooks, and other official school publications are considered public domain and can be reproduced by the media.

Parents/guardians of students under 18 years of age who do not want this directory information or photographs released must notify the school principal in writing.

The superintendent shall establish procedures governing the release of directory information.

Legal References: 
CFR 45, Part 99 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act


Adopted by the Board: July 16, 2002

Revised: January 21, 2003

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