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3110 (P) - Qualifications of Attendance and Placement


Age of Admission
Attending the schools of the district shall be recognized as a right and responsibility for those who
meet the requirements prescribed by law. Every resident of the district who satisfies the minimum
entry age requirement and is less than 21 years of age has the right to attend the district's schools until
he/she completes high school graduation requirements. Children of at least age 8 and less than age 18
are required by law to attend a public school, an approved private school or educational center, unless
they are receiving approved home based instruction. Under certain circumstances children who are at
least 16 and less than 18 years of age may be excused from further attendance at school. The
superintendent shall exercise his/her authority to grant exceptions when he/she determines that the
    1. Is lawfully and regularly employed, and has permission of a parent/guardian, or is emancipated pursuant to Chapter 13.64 RCW, or
    2. Is subject to one of the other exceptions to compulsory attendance.
A resident student who has been granted an exception retains the right to enroll as a part-time student
and shall be entitled to take any course, receive any ancillary services and take or receive any
combination of courses and ancillary services which are offered by a public school to full-time
Entrance Qualifications
To be admitted to a kindergarten program which commences in the fall of the year a child must be not
less than 5 years of age prior to September l of that school year. To be admitted to a first grade
program which commences in the fall of the year a child must be not less than 6 years of age prior to
September l of that school year. Any student not otherwise eligible for entry to the first grade who has
successfully completed a state approved kindergarten program of 1000 or more hours including
instruction consistent with Washington State Learning Standards and other subjects that the district
determines are appropriate will be permitted entry into the first-grade program. If necessary, the
student may be placed in a temporary classroom assignment for the purposes of evaluation prior to
making a final determination of the student’s appropriate placement. Such determination will be made
no later than the 30th calendar day following the student's first day of attendance.
Special exemptions may be made for younger pupils who appear to be sufficiently advanced to
succeed in the educational program.
The superintendent will identify screening processes and
instruments that provide reliable estimates of the child’s skills and abilities, develop procedures for
implementing this policy and establish fees to cover actual expenses incurred in the administration of
preadmission screening processes. The district will provide a fee waiver or a reduction in fees for low
income students whose parents are unable to pay the full cost of preadmission screening.
Admission of Students Aged Twenty - One or Older
A student aged 21 or older may enroll in a school in the district under the following conditions:
    1. There is available space in the school and program which the student shall attend;
    2. Tuition is prepaid;
    3. The student provides his/her own transportation;
    4. The student resides in the state of Washington; and
    5. In the judgment of the superintendent, no adult education program is available atreasonable costs and the district's program is appropriate to the needs of the student.
Placement of Students on Admission
The decision of where to place a student seeking admission to the district rests with the principal.
Generally students meeting the age of admission requirements or transferring from a public or
approved private school shall be placed in kindergarten or first grade, or the grade from which they
transferred. The principal shall evaluate the educational record and assessments of all other students
to determine their appropriate placement. A temporary classroom assignment may be made for no
more than thirty calendar days for the purpose of evaluation prior to making the final placement
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Adopted by the Board: July 16, 2002 
Revised: May 16, 2017

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