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Personal Services Contract

Purchasing Contracts & Agreements

All purchasing contracts and agreements must be submitted and approved by the Superintendent or Director of Fiscal Services. 

If purchase meets District Bid Requirement, district staff must complete the Proof of Competitive Bid form.

Personal Services Contract

District Staff and Contractors must complete these steps and all required documentation before any work may commence.  

If not clearly identifiable, Contractor must fill out the questionnaire to determine what type of service is being provided and submit with the appropriate paperwork below.

If you are an Independent Contractor, please complete all required documents.  Signature is required to be considered complete.  Upon completion,forward the completed packet to the District Office, attention Kerri Polson.  Work is not to commence until the complete packet has been turned in and approved.  If fingerprinting is required, fingerprints must also be cleared before work may begin.

Contractors that are determined to be independent contractors will submit invoices to the District Staff Contact for payment through the District accounts payable system.  No withholding will be deducted from the invoice total.

Payroll Packet

If the contractor answered NO to any of the questions on the Independent Contractor vs. Employee questionnaire, the individual is not considered an independent contractor by the IRS, and therefore, is not eligible to be paid as such. District staff must contact Human Resources before continuing.

Once all the required forms are completed and approved, work can begin and invoices or time sheets may be submitted to fiscal or payroll.  Please submit all invoices to Walla Walla Public Schools at 364 S Park St, Walla Walla, WA  99362, Attn:  accounts payable.


Contact Kerri Polson at (509) 526-6765

WALLA WALLA PUBLIC SCHOOLS • 364 South Park St. • Walla Walla, WA 99362 • Phone: 509-527-3000 • Fax: 509.529.7713

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