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Senior Video Series - Daniel Coram

Meet Washington’s Most Sought-After Graduates Video Series

Daniel Coram, Wa-Hi 

Walla Walla Public Schools is producing a video series this spring featuring seniors from across the school district. This series – Meet Washington’s Most Sought-After Graduates – aims to showcase how prepared these soon-to-be graduates are for life after high school. New videos will be released each week leading up to graduation ceremonies in June.

Please take a few minutes to watch these videos and see why these amazing students are great representatives of the district’s Vision Statement of Developing Washington’s Most Sought-After Graduates.

Archived Videos

Class of 2023 - Miki Joshua, Wa-Hi 

Class of 2023 - Patrick Hubbard, Wa-Hi 

Class of 2023 - Joseph Segovia, Wa-Hi

Class of 2023 - Jada Gonzalez, Lincoln High School

Class of 2023 - Caren Miranda, Wa-Hi

Class of 2023 - Emmett James, WW Online

Class of 2023 – Dylan Halazon, Wa-Hi 

Class of 2023 – Arin Iverson, Wa-Hi 

Diego Garcia – Lincoln High School

Megan Hua – Walla Walla High School 

Axel Trigoso Serrato – Opportunity Program 

Aylin Soto – SEATech & Wa-Hi

Jackson Adams – Walla Walla High School 

Jake Hisaw – Wa-Hi 

Kaitlyn King, Wa-Hi 

Kai Sinnott – Wa-Hi 

Lily Franklin, Wa-Hi 

Mateo Caso, Wa-Hi 

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