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Homelink Returns this Fall!

Popular Homelink Program to return this fall to support homeschool families

Walla Walla families’ homeschooling their children will have more local options this fall with the return of the Homelink Program. Homelink is a K-5 parent partnership program between Walla Walla Public Schools and the parents/families of local homeschool children.

Students have the option to attend Homelink classes at the Carnegie Learning Center, a convenient downtown location, one to three days per week for in-person Arts, hands-on Science, Physical Education and hands-on problem solving (Brain Games). Students access off campus learning at home from their parent with support provided by WWPS teacher consultants. The program will be housed at the Carnegie Library Building, located at 109 S Palouse St downtown.

“Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with Homelink teachers providing guidance and support,” said Homelink Director Tom Porter. “Homelink supports homeschooling families through classes, curricula, equipment and more.”

Students may meet with highly qualified teachers on campus up to three days a week, depending on the student’s grade level, the student/family schedule and other considerations. Staff and families collaboratively work together to create a personalized Written Student Learning Plan.

“Homelink has a library with a wide variety of books organized and labeled according to the reading level,” said Porter. “Families can also access all district adopted curriculum as well as propose alternate curriculum choices that support the Written Student Learning Plan.”

Homelink Program Highlights:
• Families are partnered with a certificated teacher.
• The certificated teacher will help families pick the curriculum, track progress, and support families.
• Students check in weekly with the certificated teacher for their attendance.
• Parents conference with certificated teachers once a month.
• Optional on-site enrichment classes are offered.

Home School Parent Input Survey
• Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey: https://forms.gle/UVcF9pdxBXk4ry8U7

• Valery Gentzler - Teacher
• Tressa Baker - Teacher
• Mary Burt - Science Teacher
• Tom Porter/Rob Ahrens - Director
• Sonia Towes – Secretary

Information Night Planned
• Tuesday, May 30
• 6 p.m.
• Opportunity Program (1917 E. Isaac Ave, Walla Walla, WA)

Homelink Information
• Contact Sonia Towes: stowes@wwps.org / 509.526.2060.

WEBSITE - https://homelinkww.org/

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