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SEATech receives $200,000 Grant

SEATech Health Science Careers (Pre-Nursing) Program awarded $200,000 Grant

SEATech Skills Center has applied for and been awarded a grant through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in the amount of $200,000. This grant was available to skill centers for nursing programs to purchase or upgrade simulation laboratory equipment. SEATech’s Health Science Careers program will purchase new equipment, materials and technology to support students in a hands-on learning environment. More than 270 students have graduated from the SEATech Health Science Careers/Pre-Nursing program since its inception in 2014, with about 85% of students earning their state license on their first attempt.

“Having access to state-of-the art and industry standard equipment will improve learning experiences for students,” said CTE and SEATech Skills Center Director Jerry Maher. “Well-designed simulation-based experiences will be enhanced for SEATech’s pre-nursing students thanks to this grant, preparing students before they start their careers in healthcare. Furthermore, simulated experiences will help to prepare students for state boards upon the completion of the program as they test to earn their state certification.”

According to Maher, through genuine lab experiences, students will be better equipped to improve their abilities and clinical skills, eliminate errors during simulated lab activities before working with patients in authentic environments and repeat the process leading to mastery and high standards of performance.

“By improving student competence and confidence, safe practices and high standards of patient care will result,” said Maher. “This grant is exciting news for SEATech students and for an industry that needs trained professionals to support the health of our community.”

Instructor Sandy Thomas said the pandemic has increased the need for trained healthcare providers. She is thankful those working in the healthcare industry are getting credit for the important role they have in our society.

“Thanks to the pandemic, healthcare staff and nurses are beginning to receive the recognition they deserve,” said Thomas. “We are doing our part to prepare students for their futures in this growing career field.”

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