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Distance LearningCOVID-19 Distance Learning Program for Students
Schools are closed to the general public through April 24. Access limited to employees and scheduled appointments only.

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Thanks to Road Crews!

Thanks to district maintenance staff and city and county road crews for their hard work this week clearing roads, parking lots and sidewalks to help keep schools operational during this winter’s first significant storm. The district had a two-hour delay on Tuesday but was able to operate on time the rest of the week thanks in large part to the efforts of these dedicated professionals.

Walla Walla Public Schools officials are up early driving of local roads, studying weather forecasts, and communicating with surrounding school districts as part of the decision-making process to delay or cancel school. If a decision is made to delay or cancel school, the district makes every effort to begin announcements by 6 a.m.

Announcements include:

- Media release (radio, tv, newspaper)

- SchoolMessenger automated messages to staff and parents (telephone, email, text)

- Web posting (www.wwps.org)

- Staff e-mail (Google staff e-mail)

- Enews message (sign up on the district web site)

- District Facebook page (facebook.com/wwschools)

- Twitter message (twitter.com/wwschools)

- Orange signs posted in front of schools

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