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Superintendent Wade Smith

Wade Smith

Mr. Wade Smith, Superintendent

(509) 526-6715 (office)

E-mail: wsmith@wwps.org

Twitter Twitter: @WallaWallaSup

Administrative Assistant: Susie Golden - sgolden@wwps.org

Meet Superintendent Wade Smith

Mr. Wade Smith joined Walla Walla Public Schools in July 2016, serving as its 16th superintendent over its 134-year history as a school district. Prior to coming to Walla Walla, Wade served as Interim and Deputy Superintendent for the Hermiston School District in Hermiston, OR for nine years.  During his educational tenure, he has worked as a classroom teacher, elementary and secondary principal, and central office administrator.

Wade grew up near Beaverton, OR. A son of a construction worker and career secretary, Wade is a first-generation college student who attended Willamette University, studying chemistry and instrumental music.  After experiencing an Introduction to Teaching course early on during his college tenure, his passion for education and serving students was born, initially setting his sights on becoming a high school science teacher. 

While at Willamette, Wade met his future wife Marianne. They enrolled and completed the Masters in Education program together and have been happily married for almost eighteen years. They have two daughters; Cheyenne attends WaHi, and Emily is a student at Garrison Middle School. Marianne is a teacher in the neighboring Milton-Freewater School District.

Wade completed his principal, superintendent credentials, and pre-doctoral work at Lewis and Clark College, and has since served as an adjunct instructor for aspiring school administrators.  In 2014 he began his doctoral dissertation through Concordia University, focusing on construction delivery models associated with K-12 capital referenda.

When he is not busy supporting either community or district events, you are likely to find Wade spending time recreating in the mountains, as an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and snow sports.

2017-22 Board-Established Superintendent Goals

Goal 1: Increased Student Learning and Performance

Delivering high levels of learning for all students is the Superintendent's core mission. To that end, the Board has established high expectations for increased student performance as identified by the Strategic Plan Indicator Targets. In order to meet and/or exceed Board-established outcomes:

  • The Superintendent will provide the training, leadership, and accountability necessary to ensure high-functioning school learning communities are established, where grade-level and course-alike collaborative teams develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum and ensure essential learning occurs.
    • This will be evidenced by:
      • Improved 3rd-8th grade reading and math performance for all students consistent with Board-established targets
      • Improved student outcomes for special education and ELL students consistent with Board-established targets
      • Decreased 9th grade course failure rates consistent with Board-established targets
      • Increased 4 and 5 year graduation rates consistent with Board-Established targets
      • Increased ACT performance consistent with Board-established targets
      • Staff feedback from a perception survey administered annually every fall

Goal 2: Increased Board-level Engagement with Student Learning and Performance

  • The Superintendent will prioritize and focus his efforts and energy on the 2017-22 Strategic Plan Goals and Indicators with the School Board.
    • This will be evidenced by:
      • Developing, and regularly reviewing with the Board, building-level dashboard performance reports to monitor and assess improved student performance.

Goal 3: Increased Student Engagement and Support

  • The Superintendent will implement programs, systems, and accountability measures necessary to increase student engagement, Latino/a student and family involvement, and student social/emotional support.
    • This will be evidenced by:
      • Decreased chronic absenteeism consistent with Board-established targets
      • Increased student engagement and involvement (Latino/a emphasis) consistent with Board-established targets
      • Increased parent/stakeholder satisfaction as measured by a stakeholder perception survey administered every fall


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