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Adopt-a-Blue Devil Scholarship Program

The United Way of Walla Walla and Walla Walla Public Schools have partnered to develop the Adopt-a-Blue Devil Program, a scholarship foundation to help eliminate financial barriers for eligible Walla Walla Public School students.

Current 6th – 12th grade Walla Walla Public School Students who lack financial means to participate in a school-sponsored program, activity, or academic experience (examples below). This scholarship is not intended to support non-school related athletic or activity events (e.g. third-party athletic clubs, private lessons, summer sports camps, non-school related costs).

CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION - http://www.unitedwayww.org/content/adopt-blue-devil-0

Examples of how donations will be used:

 Academic Co-Curricular/Club  Athletic 
  • Fees/costs associated with enrolling in an academic course

  • Materials required to participate in an academic-related course

  • Other similarly-related academic support need

  • Fees/costs associated with joining a co-curricular activity or club

  • Materials/gear/or equipment required to fully participate in a co-curricular/club program

  • Costs associated to fully participate in a specific co-curricular/club activity

  • Other similarly-related co-curricular or club need

  • Fees/costs associated with participating in an athletic program

  • Matherials/gear/or equipment required to fully participate in an athletic program

  • Other similarly-related athletic need

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