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English/Language Arts

Overview Statement

Learning to read and reading to learn are two of the most important missions of childhood. Parents, community members, and teachers must all maximize their efforts to make certain that each child has the opportunity to experience the great gift of literacy. These efforts will ensure that each individual has the prospect of a life filled with possibilities and a future of literate interaction in the world. By providing children equal access to well-designed, organized, and systematic reading instruction in our schools, we can ensure  that students have the greatest possible chance at future academic excellence.

In order to be successful in reading and learning, students need to develop:

  • The skills and knowledge to understand how phonemes, or speech sounds, are connected to print;
  • The ability to decode unfamiliar words;
  • The ability to read fluently;
  • Sufficient background information and vocabulary to foster reading comprehension;
  • Appropriate active strategies to construct meaning from print;  and
  • A motivation to read.

OSPI Links

Washington State English Language Arts Standards

Instructional Resources

ReadyGEN English and Spanish Language Arts (Pearson) - Grades K-5

The district adopted ReadyGEN in the Spring of 2017. This curriculum was selected following a very careful process that included Instructional Materials Review training, an indepth review of three curriculum options and a district-wide pilot.  Our teachers began using the materials in the 2017-18 school year and have participated in numerous professional development sessions to help them use the program more effectively.  It is available in English  and Spanish. 


SpringBoard - Grades 6-12

The district adopted SpringBoard, published by College Board, in the Spring of 2018.  Our teachers will begin using the new materials in the 2018-19 school year.


 * Note that there are also other specialized curriculum materials available for students needing additional assistance in the goal of reading at grade level, based on their area of need.

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