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Overview Statement

Washington teachers and educators are working hard to make our state a national leader in mathematics education at a time when the demand for such skills has never been greater.

Mathematics continues to grow at a rapid rate, spreading into new fields and creating new applications. Employers need students who possess high-level math skills in order to compete in the global economy. To have access to desirable jobs, students today require an education in math that goes far beyond what was needed by students in the past.

All students must develop and sharpen their skills, deepen their understanding of concepts and processes, and hone their problem-solving, reasoning and communication abilities while using math. This requires rigorous mathematical content that is taught and assessed in a problem-solving environment. For students to develop this deeper level of understanding, their knowledge must be connected not only to a variety of ideas and skills across topic areas and grade levels in mathematics, but also to other subjects taught in school and to situations outside the classroom.                             

OSPI Materials

Instructional Resources

Elementary students use:

K-5:  My Math Curriculum (adopted May 2014)

K-2:  Every Day Counts (supplemental calendar math)


Secondary students use:

Grade LevelTextbook
6-12 Ready Math (2016)
6-12 Glencoe Pre-Algebra (2001)
6-12 Holt Algebra 1 (2012)
6-12 Holt Geometry 1-2 (2012)
9-12 MathScape 7 & 8: View of the World From a Mathematical Perspective
9-12 Holt Algebra 2 (2012)
10-12 Cengage Pre-Calculus with Limits - A Graphing Approach (2012)
10-12 Pearson Elementary Statistics (2014)
11-12 Cengage Calculus of a Single Variable (2014)
11-12 Pearson Trigonometry (2013)



Resource Links for Mathematics

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