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Bond Passes!

Walla Walla Public Schools’ $65.6 million Replacement Bond is passing on election night with a 70.95% yes vote. More votes are expected to trickle in over the next few days. The remaining ballots are not expected to change the final outcome. The election will be certified by the Walla Walla County Elections Office Nov. 27 The approval requirement for this bond was a supermajority, 60 percent yes vote.

Statement from Superintendent Wade Smith:

Tonight will be remembered as one of the more significant moments in our district’s glorious 161-year history. On this historic day voters overwhelmingly supported a $65.6M bond to renovate Walla Walla High School, Pioneer Middle School, Lincoln High School, and fund other district-wide safety and infrastructure improvements. Eligible for nearly $53M in state match, this $118M investment will impact the lives of thousands of students and hundreds of staff for decades to come.

This vote of confidence further inspires our team of passionate educators and support staff in their collective endeavor to educate, inspire, and engage all of Walla Walla’s youth. I want to thank our dedicated Board of Directors who developed the inclusive and informed process. They empowered a community-led Facilities Task Force who spent exhaustive time and attention prioritizing facility preservation needs. In the end, our Board unanimously endorsed the conservative plan recommended that balanced building preservation needs, all while maintaining one of the region’s lowest school bond rates.

Understanding our work has just began, and the awesome responsibility and trust voters have provided, an 11-member independent Bond Oversight Committee has been formed to add an unprecedented layer of transparency and accountability. We will keep our promise; to deliver on the facility renovation and safety improvements, to invest state match funds only on the voter-approved projects, and to return any excess funds remaining upon completion.

Thank you again for investing in Walla Walla’s children as we work collectively to provide the facilities necessary to support our vision of “Developing Washington’s Most Sought-After Graduates.”

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