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Wa-Hi ranks in Top 10 in Microsoft Office Specialist competition

webmicrosoftspecialistMore than 60 Walla Walla High School students in Gay Buissink’s Business Education classes are competing in a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) event to test their skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® (2013 or 2016). Walla Walla High School currently ranks 2nd in the state in pass rate and 4th in exams passed.

“Students are developing transferable skills for productivity, and they are also developing reading and critical thinking skills, as it is very difficult to be successful on the Microsoft certification exams without learning how to decipher instructions, which can be somewhat cryptic,” said Buissink. “Along with these skills, students are developing a work ethic and perseverance, which will help them in school and any career they decide to pursue.”

Buissink says Microsoft Office skills are critical to their success in a business career or a degree in business from college. She also sees Microsoft Office as the “gold standard” for productivity in the workplace.

“Our graduates should have skills beyond basic knowledge of productivity software,” Buissink said. “Over the last six years, I’ve really tried to fine tune the curriculum for student success. Passing a certification exam gives students an international, industry-recognized certification; it validates what skills they have and gives them confidence in their abilities.”

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