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Facilities Committee review conditions

Community Facilities Task Force reviewing building conditions

Community Facilities Task Force Chair Paul Schneidmiller provided his quarterly report to the school board Tuesday night. The group is currently reviewing the physical condition of each school and studied the district’s bond history from the past 30 years. The group will review safety and security, growth projections, capacity and energy efficiencies next. Superintendent Smith will also work with Schneidmiller to form district site-based teams which will begin in January.

Task Force Membership

Paul Schneidmiller (Chair)         

Tony Cabasco

Jim Dumont                 

Roger Esparza

Darcy Fugman-Small    

Chris Garratt

Don Holbrook              

Dean Lodmell

Linda Newcomb           

Jim Peterson

Phil Shivell                   

Craig Sievertsen

Casey Waddell             

Jerry Zahl

Keith Swanson             

John Kiefel

Peter Swant                 

Randy Glaeser

Dick Moeller                 

Kara Schulke

Non-Voting Members

• Derek Sarley, School Board   

• Ruth Ladderud, School Board

• Wade Smith Superintendent    

• Mark Higgins, Communications Director

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