Electronic Device Repair Program

Walla Walla Public Schools will continue to provide one-to-one Chromebook technology to support high-quality learning during the 2021-2022 school year to ensure a continued comprehensive and engaging educational experience for all, 

While preschool through 2nd graders will have classroom access to Chromebooks, all students in grades 3 through 12 will be issued a Chromebook device that can be taken to and from school to support their digital learning and complete necessary assignments. Additionally, depending on certain circumstances, students/families may also be given Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity, Windows laptops for upper-level technical courses, and specific devices for some special needs students.

Students are responsible for their devices, including breakage, loss, and stolen devices and accessories. Rather than expecting families to cover the full cost of accidental breakage or repair, the district has developed a low-cost, $20 copay fee for repairs that exceed $20. While actual repair costs are often much higher, this approach keeps financial risk low for families. See below for examples.

Example Repair Fees

Example repair fees:

  • $20 – Includes damaged screens/keyboards/trackpads/webcam/chassis, inventory/ identification sticker removal, damage to the accessory ports, misplaced or damaged power charging cable, etc., or lost or damaged Wi-Fi hotspot.

Example stolen/lost device fees:

  • $20, $100, or $200 depending on device model – Chromebook=$20, iPad =$100, Windows Laptop=$200. Note, the district may require a police report.

A damaged or missing device should be immediately reported to the student’s school librarian or library technician. The library staff member will determine the appropriate fee and arrange a repair or provide a replacement device so your child can continue learning.

Additional Notes & Information

  • Full replacement and/or repair fees may be assessed if students intentionally damage devices.
  • Fees will be applied for each incident. Multiple incidents may require a conference with the administrator and could result in the student losing the privilege of an at-home device.
  • If the device is not returned when agreed upon or upon request by the district, the student may be fined for the full replacement cost of the device.
  • If a device, previously thought to be lost/stolen, is returned in working condition within 60 days of the close of the school year, the fine will be refunded.

NOTE: *A limited number of devices are available for checkout for K-2 families upon request, but an at-home device is not necessary in most circumstances.

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