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2023-2024 Technology Letter

2023-2024 School Year

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of Walla Walla Public Schools’ mission to “ensure all students receive high-quality instruction in an aligned and coherent system,” each student has access to a variety of classroom technology tools to help meet our curriculum goals; including the Internet, student Google accounts, and computer devices.

Technology can open up a classroom to the world and is a desirable and engaging component of a student’s learning experience that encourages research, critical thinking, and collaboration in projects. With these resources, students can locate a wealth of information not otherwise available, analyze its accuracy and validity, and better communicate with others while developing relevant 21st-century skills.

Walla Walla Public Schools is a Google Workspace for Education Plus school district and provides individual student Google accounts for all grade levels with appropriate limitations. Student Google accounts are used for school communication and to access Google Apps and other online curriculum resources the teacher provides. These accounts are intended for school-related work and should be used separately from a personal account.

Access to the Internet is integral to our student’s education. Access to it comes with the expectation that students will act in a considerate and responsible manner when using it. Even the best censoring technology cannot filter all content that may be unacceptable to students. Still, with appropriate supervision and instruction, students will learn about their role as good “digital citizens” within an online community. Parents and guardians of minors are also responsible for setting and conveying safe standards that their son/daughter should follow when using the Internet. http://bit.ly/DCFamilyResources

Misuse of these valuable resources, however, may result in loss of access to the privileges or disciplinary action in compliance with existing district policy. A copy of the Walla Walla School District’s Board Policy and Administration Procedures on our Electronic Resources & Internet Safety can be obtained at your school or online at the WWPS Internet Safety website: http://www.wwps.org/departments/technology/internet-safety

I look forward to another successful school year where technology supports our teaching and learning environment as we develop Washington’s most sought-after graduates. For more information and questions, please contact your building principal or the district’s Director of Technology at 509-526-6744. Thank you for your continued support.

Keith Ross
Director of Technology and Information Services/Walla Walla Public Schools

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