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Frequently Asked Questions About Summer & Fall 2020

This site will be revised regularly as guidance, plans and activities surrounding summer and fall 2020 startup are finalized. Please check back periodically for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Summer and Fall 2020

What about summer and fall athletics/activities?

A committee is currently reviewing guidance regarding school athletic/activity restrictions. The WIAA has released a return to play philosophy (linked below). Much will depend on Walla Walla County's advancement into Phase 3 reopening. More information coming soon.

Can coaches or advisers provide private, face-to-face coaching of student athletes/participants beginning over the summer?

Not at this time. More information coming soon. 

Can students/families opt for 100% continued distance learning due to medical, safety or other reason?

Yes. While the district anticipates most students/families will prefer face-to-face instruction next fall, WWPS is considering a 100% distance learning option(in partnership with outside vendors) for select students and families due to medical, safety, or other reasons.

Will families be kept together if there are split schedules for students?

Yes, the district will make every effort to keep family units together.

Will families be allowed a choice of AM or PM schedule if that is what is implemented?

Yes, the district will seek family input and make every attempt to honor requests when possible. 

Are parents and/or students allowed access to the building?

School buildings remain closed until further notice for guests and visitors.

Can students come on campus to work out/practice using outside facilities? Who has access?

The district is not permitted to allow organized use of outside district facilities (e.g. parks and rec program, scheduled facility use requests for events). However, the public is still permitted access to campus grounds during normal hours. Monitoring of activities will not be provided and community/student use should be carefully considered, taking into account social distancing recommendations and precautions. Any significant congregation of students or community members is prohibited. 

If I have questions about my student's special needs, who do I contact?

Your child's special education teacher, or

Marianne O'Leary, Special Education Secretary: 509-526-6724

If I have questions about my student's language needs, who do I contact?

  • Questions about a student's language needs can be directed to the Department of Equity and Dual Programs, at 509-526-6787.

What about access to computers and WiFi hotspots in the fall?

WWPS is implementing a 1:1 initiative at the secondary level (6-12) for all students in the fall. All middle and high school students will be issued district Chromebooks to ensure access to coursework and other learning that may have to occur online. Additionally, families who do not have internet access at their home may also check out a WiFi hotspot specifically for school-related learning. Students will be required to bring the Chromebook to and from school every day.

The district is implementing an "equity at home" model for all PK-5th grade students in the fall. Families who do not have access to a computer at home will be issued a Chromebook that will stay at home in order to access coursework and other learning that may have to occur online. Additionally, families who do not have internet access at their home may also check out a WiFi hotspot specifically for school-related learning. Students are requested to not bring Chromebooks to and from school as technology will be available at their elementary site.

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