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schoolSafely Reopening Schools: 2020-21 Information  |  Reopening Stage: Green
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Frequently Asked Questions

This site will be revised regularly as guidance, plans and programs are finalized. Please check back periodically for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the 2020-21 School Year Plans


What are the specific school start, stop and arrival times for fall under the AM/PM model? 


AM Session

PM Session

Student Arrival No Earlier Than

AM Session Begins

AM Session Ends

Student Arrival No Earlier Than

PM Session Begins

PM Session Ends

Elementary School

7:45 AM

8:00 AM

10:35 AM

11:50 AM

12:05 PM

2:40 PM


7:40 AM

7:55 AM

10:41 AM

11:35 AM

11:50 AM

2:36 PM


7:35 AM

7:50 AM

10:41 AM

11:26 AM

11:41 AM

2:32 PM


Alternating MS/HS Schedule for 1st Semester (A and B Days) under Comprehensive Distance Learning 2.0: Click Here


What about athletics/activities?

The Governor’s Office and Washington State Department of Health issued new guidance for returning to education-based sports and activities using the statistical benchmarks of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents in a given county as well as the percentage of positive tests. The WIAA has used this guidance from the Department of Health to develop new general, as well as sport-specific, return-to-play guidelines which will replace those previously tied to phasing in the Governor’s Safe Start Plan. The Governor’s office has informed the WIAA that these guidelines must be followed and neither schools nor community sports programs have the authority to implement more lenient policies.

Can students/families opt for 100% continued distance learning due to medical, safety or other reason?

Yes. While the district anticipates most students/families will want to experience face-to-face instruction as soon as  health conditions allow, WWPS has developed a fully-online learning experience for students/families. More information can be found at: https://wallawallaonline.org 

Will families be kept together if there are split schedules for students?

Yes, the district will make every effort to keep family units together.

Will families be allowed a choice of AM or PM schedule if that is what is implemented?

Yes, the district has sought family input and made every attempt to honor requests when possible. 

Who has access/who is allowed into school buildings?

Access to school buildings by non-district staff and approved contractors will be limited based on the reopening stage the district is currently under as outlined below.

 Stage  Parents/Guardians  Volunteers  Community Users
 Red  Not Permitted  Not Permitted  Not Permitted
 Orange  By Appointment Only  Not Permitted  Not Permitted
 Yellow  By Appointment Only  Not Permitted  Not Permitted
 Green  Office Access  On a Case-by-Case Basis  On a Case-by-Case Basis
 Blue  Normal Access  Normal Access  Normal Access

Who has access to outside facilities/grounds?

During School Hours/School Days:

  • Access to district campuses/grounds is generally prohibited during school hours for all users.

After Hours/Weekends:

  • The district is not permitted to allow organized use of outside district facilities (e.g. parks and rec program, scheduled facility use requests for events) while in Red through Yellow Stages. However, the public is still permitted access to campus grounds during non-school hours. After-hours monitoring of activities will not be provided and community/student use should be carefully considered, taking into account social distancing recommendations and precautions. Any significant congregation of students or community members is prohibited. 

If I have questions about my student's special needs, who do I contact?

Your child's special education teacher, or

Marianne O'Leary, Special Education Secretary: 509-526-6724

If I have questions about my student's language needs, who do I contact?

  • Questions about a student's language needs can be directed to the Department of Equity and Dual Programs, at 509-526-6787.

What about access to computers and WiFi hotspots in the fall?

WWPS is implementing a 1:1 initiative (K-12) for all students in the fall. All students will be issued district Chromebooks to ensure access to coursework and other learning that may have to occur online. Additionally, families who do not have internet access at their home may also check out a WiFi hotspot specifically for school-related learning. 3rd-12th grade students will be required to bring the Chromebook to and from school every day once AM/PM learning begins. TK-2nd grade student Chromebooks are to remain at home and not be brought back and forth to school.

Will attendance be required and what will that look like?

All WWPS attendance and engagement policies will be in effect for the school year in accordance with Washington State attendance RCW's. Attendance will be taken for students every school day whether they are on site or participating in distance learning. Teachers will be electronically monitoring and recording daily/period attendance in synchronous and/or asynchronous learning.

If students are on site/in-person for the AM/PM Hybrid model:

  • Attendance will be recorded daily by classroom teachers.

If students are participating in Comprehensive Distance Learning 2.0, attendance or participation in distance learning is defined as:

  • participation by the student in the daily synchronous sessions (morning for secondary and morning and afternoon for elementary)

If students are participating in Walla Walla Online, attendance or participation in distance learning is defined as:

  • Making daily progress on online coursework as monitored by their learning coach through the Edgenuity Learning Management System.

What will be the grading system for students?

Grading for the 20-21 school year will revert to the grading practices previously utilized prior to the COVID closure in the spring of the 19-20 school year.

  • Elementary schools will continue with standards-based grading (e.g. 4,3,2,1).
  • Secondary schools will utilize a letter grading system (e.g. A, B, C, D, F, in some cases Pass/Fail, standards-based in some courses). 

Regardless of the educational model, all assignments and assessments are required. Students will receive grades and feedback not only based on completion, but also on their ability to accurately demonstrate mastery of the standards being assessed. Failure to participate in and/or complete assignments and assessments will not only result in a negative impact on learning, but may also negatively affect student grades.

What if my secondary student received an incomplete last spring?

Secondary students who earned an incomplete last spring will have an opportunity to complete and/or address their learning during the fall of 2020. Students may recover high school credits and earn grades for any high school credit-bearing course where they earned an incomplete “I” grade for spring semester of the 2019-20 school year through one of the following options:

  • completing the next course in sequence or course in the same subject area with the grade being earned in the course replacing the incomplete “I” grade earned.
  • working with the teacher(s) of record to complete work and/or demonstrate mastery with the teacher adjusting “I” to a letter grade. 
  • retaking the course(s) onsite, online, via independent study class, or in a future summer school session.
  • completing work and/or demonstrating mastery of the essential standards via a competency-based course.

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