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District Family Communications & Engagement Guidelines

Children achieve success when families are engaged in their education. In partnerships, each level has roles and responsibilities in supporting academic achievement and student success.

District Administration:

  • Makes high-quality family communication and engagement a priority districtwide. 
  • Provides regular opportunities for families to participate in dialogue on districtwide issues through focus groups and other family groups.
  • Provides regular training for administrators and teachers in family communication and engagement.
  • Makes family communication and engagement an integral part of the district’s professional evaluation process.


  • Enhance family communication and engagement by empowering all school staff to communicate and work closely with families.
  • Treat families as respected and valued partners in their children’s education.
  • Provide regular opportunities for families to participate in decisions on school site issues through school level groups and family organizations.
  • Actively seek and support family and community partnerships.
  • Continuously improve family communication and strengthen the partnership between school and home for all families at their school.


  • Communicate clearly and regularly with families, engaging them in classroom curriculum and instruction as well as family engagement activities.
  • Contact families early in the year to build two-way communication for positive relationships.
  • Treat families as respected and valued partners in their children’s education.
  • Welcome and encourage family participation in the classroom.
  • Provide instructional strategies for families to use at home.

Parents and Guardians:

  • Work as responsible partners with the district administration, the principal and the teacher to support their student’s success.
  • Read and respond to all school communication.
  • Actively participate in their student’s curriculum and instruction.
  • Create places and provide materials that support their student’s learning.
  • Volunteer and participate in district, school and classroom activities that strengthen the partnership between home and school.

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