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Outdoor Athletic and Activity Facilities Committee


BaseballSince 2019, WWPS coaches and staff have been meeting regularly to review current outdoor athletic and activity amenities across district secondary schools, research league and regional facilities, and prioritize improvements necessary for student participants.

In March 2023 a comprehensive analysis of current facility amenities and research was presented to the Walla Walla School Board. Click here to learn more about their report.

In summary, the following information was relayed:

  • The 2018 bond helped ensure classrooms, performing arts, fine arts, science labs, support areas and indoor extra-curricular spaces have been brought up to current standards. Thank you community!
  • As promised to voters, recent bond funds were directed towards indoor facility improvements and not allocated towards any outdoor athletic or activity upgrades.
  • Rather than asking for voter-approved bonds or levies to improve outdoor athletic facilities over the last fifty years, WWPS has leveraged community donations, Booster Club support and basic ed maintenance dollars to provide extra-curricular facility improvements. The last time bond/levy dollars were used for outside athletic improvements on any campus was when the high school was originally constructed over 60 years ago.
  • Despite generous community donations and other alternative funding streams, WWPS’ outside athletic and activity facilities have not kept up with current program demand and league standards. As a result, most of the district's exterior athletic and activity components are in need of substantial renovations or improvements in order to maintain safe and adequate facilities.

Following the presentation, the District developed an independent committee whose charge will be to deliver formal recommendations to the district in June 2023. Click here to learn more about the committee.

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