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State further relaxes COVID requirements

State Department of Health further relaxes COVID requirements for schools

This week the Washington State Department of Health released revised COVID guidance, removing many of the current requirements for schools as the state transitions to the endemic phase of COVID. Current protocols including prolonged isolation requirements are no longer required from schools. As a result, Walla Walla Public Schools has revised many of its protocols accordingly. While no longer required, the district will continue to update their daily COVID tracking sheet and will continue to offer free testing for families.

Walla Walla Public Schools has updated its COVID safety protocols as follows:

• Although no longer required, Walla Walla Public Schools will continue to update its online dashboard of daily COVID cases for the remainder of the school year to provide another layer of transparency to the public. This resource continues to be available on the district’s website here: https://www.wwps.org/covidprotocols/covid-dashboard

• Walla Walla Public Schools will continue to offer free COVID testing for students/staff and continue to provide home tests.

• The 5-day isolation of COVID positive individuals is no longer required. If students are symptomatic at school, health services staff will contact parents to pick them up and inform them that their child can return upon symptom improvement. This approach is the same for staff. If staff members are sick they should stay home, and return to work once their symptoms improve.

• All vaccination mandates for staff and volunteers will be lifted and no longer a requirement after October 31, 2022.

“We will continue to work closely with local health officials and monitor guidance from the Washington State Department of Health to ensure we provide a safe learning environment for students and staff,” said Health Services Director Andrea DeLong, BSN, RN. “We appreciate everyone’s support and diligence as we move beyond the pandemic to normal school health services operations.”

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