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Back-to-School Safety Summit

See Something, Hear Something, Say Something!

Walla Walla Public Schools recently held its Back-to-School Safety Summit at the newly remodeled Walla Walla High School Commons. School safety teams from across the district conducted tabletop drills and mapped out their plans for the year. District officials also met with law enforcement officers this week to discuss emergency procedures, access to school buildings during an emergency and police presence in local school zones to enhance safety.

Walla Walla Public Schools meets state Emergency Preparedness requirements outlined in RCW 28A.320.125. The district’s plan focuses on crisis prevention, management and recovery. School Safety Teams reviewed drill and reporting requirements and discussed and role-played several emergency scenarios. This year’s safety awareness communications campaign will continue to stress: See Something, Hear Something, Say Something.

Investing in our Children’s Safety:
• Funds a full-time Walla Walla County school resource officer (SRO)
• Employs Walla Walla Public Schools campus support staff
• Maintains Incident Command System (ICS) teams & emergency plans
• Conducts lockdown, evacuation, earthquake and shelter-in-place drills
• Ensures principals & response team staff are National Incident Management System trained
• Utilizes proactive threat assessment procedures
• Implements research-based bullying prevention program
• Supports Blue Devil Strong, Sources of Strength and Reach Out suicide prevention campaign
• Performs annual trainings/table top simulation exercises with police & other first responders

Anonymously report bullying, harassment, threats of violence, suicide, drugs, vandalism, weapons and other safety concerns in the following 4 easy ways:
1. PHONE - 855.976.8772
2. TEXT - 855.976.8772
3. EMAIL - 1057@ALERT1.US
4. WEB - 1057.ALERT1.US

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