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Local tree experts collaborate to help preserve community treasure

Local arborists representing Walla Walla Public Schools, Whitman College, the City of Walla Walla and local businesses converged at Jeannette C. Hayner Park on the campus of Walla Walla High School for tree regular maintenance and clean up on the world’s largest London Plane tree. The arborists trimmed limbs to reduce branch weight, cleaned out dead or damaged branches and inspected the overall health of the tree.

The park, named after Jeannette C. Hayner (1919-2010) who was a former influential school board member and Washington State Representative and Senator, opened in the fall of 2019. Graduate of Distinction and 1969 alum Michael Murr, in coordination with the Joseph L. Stubblefield Trust, partnered with Walla Walla Public Schools to develop the new park on the west-side of the Walla Walla High School campus featuring this century-old majestic tree. When considering its height of approximately 150 feet tall, its crown, in excess of 100 feet, and circumference nearly 30 feet around, the Hayner Park tree outshines the tallest London Plane on record in Europe.

Facilities and Operations Director Mike Kay coordinated the maintenance project to help preserve this important piece of Walla Walla valley’s history.

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