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Student Performance Reaches all-time High on Annual iReady Assessment

Since 2018-19, WWPS has partnered with Curriculum Associates to implement annual diagnostic assessments in both reading and math for all students in grades K-8. This instrument provides teachers and administrators valuable data on a student-by-student basis as it relates to the district’s efforts to ensure high outcomes for all students. Additionally it provides parents an important insight into their child’s progress as well as an added layer of accountability and benchmarking, allowing the district to analyze year-to-year improvements and compare local results to nationwide data. 

Last night district officials presented their annual end-of-year data from the 2021-22 school year. Results revealed sound learning growth over the course of the school year in addition to the strongest performance standing the district has achieved since implementing the diagnostic exams four years ago. 

When the tool was implemented districtwide for all K-8 students in 2018-19, WWPS performed below the national average in all but 2 grades in reading and all but one grade with respect to mathematics. Fast forward to this year, WWPS students are now on par or outperforming the nation at nearly every grade for both subjects. Over the course of last year the district experienced strong growth across most grade spans, the most notable at the elementary level. For example, in kindergarten, only 22% of incoming students were deemed proficient at the start of the school year. By the end, 80% of all kindergarteners were reading at grade level by the spring. 

As district officials presented data comparing performance from spring 2019 (prior to the pandemic) to spring 2022, they highlighted significant improvement. “Despite our students having experienced academic disruption to their learning as a result of the pandemic, students this spring outperformed their pre-pandemic peers in nearly every grade for both reading and math,” notes Dr. Smith. “This is a remarkable accomplishment and a credit to our staff, students and families for their perseverance and hard work supporting children during school closures.”

While the district results were the strongest on record, officials still pointed to the need for additional improvement. As with their nationwide counterparts, middle school performance still lags in comparison to elementary results and disproportionate outcomes still exist when analyzing subgroup performance as it relates to ethnicity, poverty and students with disabilities

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