Congratulations Retirees!

2021-2022 School Year Retirees

Congratulations to the following staff who are retiring at the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year. These staff have dedicated their careers to supporting the students and families of Walla Walla. We will miss you!

Stacy McPherson, Social Studies Teacher – Walla Walla Online
Diane Mires, Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher – Walla Walla Online
Grace Ogoshi, English Language Arts Teacher – Walla Walla Online
Darlene Greenwood, Kindergarten Teacher – Prospect Point Elementary
Valerie Vicari, Head Custodian – Prospect Point Elementary
Liz Campeau, Director of Human Resources – Lincoln High School
Jeffrey Townsend, Audio & Video Production Instructor - SEATech
Kathy Bronkhorst, Bus Driver – Transportation
Sarah Zipf, Secretary to Director of Technology - Technology
Mike Braddock, Physical Education Specialist – Garrison Middle School
Mary Erdman, Para-Educator – Garrison Middle School
Laurie Bohnet, English Language Arts Teacher – Pioneer Middle School
Pam Spence, Head Secretary – Pioneer Middle School
Missy Newcom, Speech Language Pathologist – Special Education
Marianne O’Leary, Secretary to Director of Special Education – Special Education
Karen Neher, Intervention Specialist – Lincoln High School
Lisa Braddock, First Grade Teacher – Berney Elementary
Joe Gribnau, Fourth Grade Teacher – Berney Elementary
Kary Boyer Phillips, Kitchen Assistant – Nutrition Services
Debbie Ongers, Kitchen Manager – Nutrition Services
Tensie Lovejoy, Kindergarten Teacher – Green Park Elementary
Ingrid Olsen-Young, Para-Educator - Green Park Elementary
Heraclio Torres, Para-Educator - Green Park Elementary
Loretta Wright, First Grade Teacher - Green Park Elementary
Teresa Martinez, Para-Educator – Walla Walla Center for Children & Families
Lori Dohe, English Teacher – Walla Walla High School
Bob Dutton, Campus Support - Walla Walla High School
Pattie Eagon, Special Education Secretary - Walla Walla High School
Peder Fretheim, Math Teacher - Walla Walla High School
John Golden, Social Studies Teacher - Walla Walla High School
Spencer Iacolucci, School Counselor - Walla Walla High School
Dave Larson, Special Education Teacher - Walla Walla High School
Ron Higgins, Principal - Walla Walla High School
Amy Ruff, Director of Health Services – Walla Walla Public Schools

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