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Free at-home COVID tests

Free at-home COVID test kits make it easy to get results before returning from break

The Walla Walla Department of Community Health is teaming with The Say Yes! Covid Test challenge to provide free at-home COVID test kits to local residents. This is an excellent opportunity for staff and students to get tested before returning from winter break.

“Frequent testing is especially important for those with more exposure outside the home, such as kids in school or people who spend time in a group setting — whether vaccinated or not,” said Health Services Director Amy Ruff. “We really encourage staff and students to test before returning to school from winter break to help reduce COVID-19 spread.”

The free test kit ordering process is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply click on the link below and place an order to receive eight free rapid COVID test kits. The shipment is fulfilled by Amazon, so it only takes about a week for delivery.

Say Yes COVID Test order link - https://sayyescovidhometest.org/

Upon receiving the at-home kit, follow the instructions included in the package to start using the tests. They only require a quick swab inside each nostril. Test results are available in about 10 minutes.

“People who don’t have symptoms can still spread COVID-19, so testing is critical to knowing if you're infected, said Ruff. “Along with vaccination, wearing a mask, hand washing, and physical distancing, frequent at-home testing protects our loved ones.”

The Say Yes COVID Test challenge is a cooperative effort from state and local health departments, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and community partners.


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