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Former WWPS leaders tour WWCCF

Former administrators and school board members tour Walla Walla Center for Children & Families
Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith and Walla Walla Center for Children & Families (WWCCF) Director Samantha Bowen led a tour of the new early learning center Friday, Dec. 3 to former district administrators and school board members. Walla Walla Center for Children & Families is in its second year of operation at the former Blue Ridge Elementary school.

‘I am absolutely thrilled,” said Dr. Ellen Wolf, former WWPS superintendent. “It brings together community groups who work with young children and connects families with services they may not have received without this early learning center.”

WWCCF serves approximately 250 students ages 3 to 5. Transitional kindergarten, Head Start and Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) are the primary programs at WWCCF. Community organizations including the Walla Walla Valley Disability Network, Camp Fire and the Walla Walla Valley Early Learning Coalition and others also have a presence at WWCCF.

“The Walla Walla Center for Children and Families is excellent for parents to get their children connected to the schools so they can have a successful learning experience," said Connie Taylor-Randall, former administrator and teacher. “The way they have it set up at the WWCCF is just a dream for parents.”

Tour guests:
Jerry Cummins
Mary Jo Geidl
Dan Hess
Judy Mulkerin
Donna Painter
Toni Rudnick
Connie Taylor Randall
Dr. Ellen Wolf
Dr. Joanne Martin

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