2023-2028 Strategic Plan Preparation

Tuesday, Sept. 28 Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith and school board members discussed the timeline for developing the next five-year Strategic Plan. The district's current plan stands to conclude in 2022. The current plan hinges on four core pillars:

1. High Quality Instruction
2. Aligned and Coherent Systems
3. Social and Emotional Needs
4. Safe and Engaging Environment

Superintendent Smith noted the pandemic has impacted strategic plan initiatives and outcomes over the past two school years and continues to play a role in school operations today. He suggested the district continue with the identified core pillars from the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan this school year and next school year to provide adequate time to recover from the pandemic and develop a new plan.

"We want an open and transparent process with multiple opportunities for stakeholder involvement, participation and feedback,” said Superintendent Smtih. “The Strategic Plan must focus on our core mission of how to best serve, educate and prepare our students."

Superintendent Smith unveiled a roadmap to developing the next plan that begins this winter with developing a framework. Under this adoption model, the district will conduct outreach and plan development this spring and next fall. The plan would be finalized and adopted during the winter of 2023 with budget priorities identified in the spring of 2023. Full rollout would begin to start the 2023-2024 school year. Board members indicated they prefer an internal process for developing the plan without the use of an outside consultant. School board members will continue to discuss planning for the next strategic plan in upcoming meetings.