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WA State Health to Review CDC 3' Revision

Washington Schools await guidance from state health officials on CDC social distancing change

Today the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) modified its operational recommendations for schools by revising physical distancing recommendations to reflect at least 3 feet between students in classrooms rather than the previous 6ft standard. MORE 

Following this announcement, school superintendents across Washington, including WWPS Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith, received notification from State Superintendent Chris Reykdal that stated -- "Washington Department of Health is reviewing the new CDC guidance and at this immediate time, there is no change to the current 6’ rule." 

Superintendent Smith reported Walla Walla Public Schools, like other school districts across the state, must follow Washington Department of Health guidance. Dr. Smith says WWPS is awaiting further communication as to what, if any, adjustments WA State Health authorities plan to make following this announcement from the CDC. 

“As it stands, the Governor's order to maintain 6ft distance, among other safety measures, cannot be modified locally,” said Superintendent Smith. “We will continue to monitor this situation as we work collaboratively with employee group leadership to review what, if any changes in guidance are announced and how they may impact our current programming in the future.”

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